How to remove kajal stains from clothes

Make-up is an essential factor in the daily life routine of almost all women as it brings a fresh look and keeps you looking great the whole day. There are plenty of different products and cosmetics that make a complete combination of makeup and Kajal is one of them. Kajal is used to create black lines around the eyes. It has been popular and women consider it as an upper-level product and may use it even if they are not wearing any other cosmetic or makeup on their face.

For ease of women, kajal is manufactured in various styles including a well-known pencil shape. There are huge chances that you may get stains of kajal on your clothes while applying it to the face. This usually happens if the pencil slips off your hand. It is not an easy job to remove kajal from your eyes without using specific techniques and products so how does removing kajal stains from the clothes work? Well, there are also various ways to get this job done most efficiently.

How to remove kajal stains from clothes

What is kajal eyeliner made of?

Kajal has been produced for centuries but the methods to get the job done have multiplied too many folds. Initially, it was a natural product manufactured solely through natural means in villages and backward areas of the world. But with the advancement, kajal eyeliner has become an integral part of cosmetics and now can be found in almost all makeup brands.

Lead sulfide or galena is the major ingredient as it gives Kajal its original deep black color. Some of the other ingredients include clarified butter also known as ghee, camphor, castor oil, and sandalwood.

Charcoal is also a major ingredient especially if kajal is being made at home using natural methods. All these ingredients are included in a specific amount with a specific ratio to others because any flaw in these things can ruin the color and state of the kajal on the eyes.

What is the difference between kohl and kajal eyeliner?

Before I delve into details, you should know that Kohl and kajal are the same as Kajal, the Indian name for the popular eye makeup product known as Kohl. Therefore, what you will be seeing here is the difference between Kohl, an eye makeup product, and eyeliner.


  1. Kohl is made with natural ingredients that cannot harm the eyes in any way. While eyeliners on the other hand, are made with chemical ingredients that could be harmful to the eyes if used wrongly.
  2. Kohl is known for their soft texture due to its silky soft finish, while eyeliners are known for their coarse texture.
  3. Kohl can be safely used on both the upper and lower eyelids, while eyeliners are designed to be mainly used on the upper eyelid. Using the product on the lower eyelid can affect your eye.

Does kajal stain clothes?

Kajal is created in a form that is not completely liquid or solid. It can be said that kajal is just like a black paste which can be put at any part and if you put pressure on it, kajal will leave a mark on almost all kinds of surfaces.

This is also the scenario to apply kajal on eyelids as you need to move the pencil with a little bit of pressure so that a black line can be formed under or above the eyelids. Pencil kajal needs to be sharpened after some time or its shaving can fall on your clothes with a few extracts of kajal attached to them.

You need to be careful while removing these shavings as if they get rubbed on your clothes, there will be a stain on the fabric no matter what you do. Apart from this, kajal can stick to your fingertips which can sometimes transfer to your clothes if you touch them while doing makeup.

Will kajal damage clothes?

If you are asking this question in terms of affecting the fabrics or breaking down its threads then you can live in peace as Kajal doesn’t have any chemicals or harmful ingredients that can bleach or damage the clothes. But when it comes to stains, kajal can damage clothes because sometimes the stain becomes permanent and cannot be removed by any means.

You may get the residues out of the threads but the light black shade may remain on the fabric for a long time, especially if the clothes are white. This is the reason that treating kajal stains as soon as you get them on the clothes is recommended and considered the best practice as well.

Is kajal waterproof?

If we talk about naturally made kajal, it can resist water to a greater extent, and having oil in its composition is one of the major reasons behind this factor. When it comes to kajal eyeliners that are created in labs and brands are selling them throughout the world, they are not only water-resistant but 100% waterproof.

Lakme is one of the leading cosmetic brands in the market and they claim that their kajal can easily stay on your eyelids for more than 22 hours even if you are walking in the rain. Kajal is composed while making it a good water repellent as it has to stay on the eyes without getting smudged. A minor fault or flaw in the composition of kajal will allow it to get smudged even if you are sweating a little bit.

Is kajal hard to remove from clothes?

For most people, applying kajal on the eyelids in the most perfect manner is a tricky and difficult job but when it comes to removing it either from eyes or clothes, the job can become more than difficult. The oil and its semi liquidity form take it directly into the threads of the clothes and make a good grip.

Things can get even messier if you are using a kajal product that is 100% waterproof. With such kajal’s, removing stains from clothes will require you to get help from some commercial or homemade remedies because simple water and soap will not be able to get you to the other end.

What can remove kajal eyeliner stains from clothing?

Many commercial products can be used to remove kajal eyeliner stains from clothing but it is recommended to get help from home remedies as they are not only inexpensive but quite safe to use as well. Also, using commercial products is not appreciated as it can sometimes break down the fabric threads or may affect the color of the clothes as well.

You can use a heavy-duty dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent, white vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda. Apart from this, petrol is considered highly effective in this regard but safety should be your priority as it is extremely flammable. Spirits, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, and other rubbing alcohols can also remove kajal stains. Only keep this fact in mind that the product should be capable of dissolving oil and detailed ingredients.

How to get rid of eyeliner stains on clothes?

  1. Start by removing all the black kajal paste or shaving from the clothes. You should use a scraper or pinch it with tweezers because picking them up with fingers may rub it and further push kajal into the garment.
  2. Pretreat a stain with a stain remover if it has been dried for a long time but if it is fresh, you can go with the normal procedure.
  3. Make a mixture of water along with detergent, vinegar, or IPA. You can apply these things directly as well, especially when you are using any rubbing alcohol or petroleum products.
  4. Dab a clean cloth or paper towel into the solution and gently blot the stained area.
  5. Don’t rub it or put pressure as it may even spread and worsen the stain.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 multiple times until you feel that all the kajal has been removed from the clothes and their narrow threads.
  7. At last, sponge the area with cold water or wash it as you normally do in laundry detergent or soapy water.
  8. Let it air dry and you will have clothes like they were before getting stains.

How to prevent kajal stains on your clothing?

  1. One of the best things is to apply makeup and kajal before wearing your actual dress.
  2. If you have to wear clothes before applying kajal, put a tissue over your dress or below the eyes while applying it.
  3. While sharpening the kajal pencil with a sharpener, make sure you do it over a dustbin, away from your contact and clothes.
  4. Don’t touch the kajal on your eyes or the eyeliner with your fingers as even if you clean your hands with tissue, some residues may still remain on your fingertips and get transferred to your clothes.
  5. If possible, ask a professional or any other person in your home to apply kajal to your eyes. In this way, you will be away from all the mess.

Other kajal stain removal tricks

How to remove Kajal stains from carpet

  1. Combine a tbs. of liquid dishwashing detergent and 2 cups of hot water to form a cleaning solution.
  2. Dip a clean white towel into the solution and blot directly on the stain.
  3. Blot the treated spot dry by pressing a clean dry rag or white towel on the treated spot.
  4. Repeat the process as much as required until the whole stain is completely lifted.
  5. Rinse the treated spot with a damp cloth and leave it to air dry.

For old Kajal stain, make use of ammonia and water solution.

How to remove kahal stain from the wall

  1. Mix in equal parts, distilled white vinegar and liquid dish detergent, then add 1 cup of water.
  2. Blot the dilution directly on the stain with a rag or towel until the stain is completely gone.

Rinse the treated spot with water and leave it to air dry.

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