How to remove hard water stains from porcelain sink

Is your porcelain sink starting to look dull and ugly because of hard water stains? If yes, then, it is important to know how to get hard water stains off porcelain sink.

Does hard water stains porcelain sinks

Porcelain is a type of nonporous and sturdy material that is ideally used for sinks. Porcelain is also beneficial in the sense that it is easy and simple to clean. Sadly, like other sink materials, porcelain sinks are not immune to dirt and stains.  

How to remove hard water stains from porcelain sink

Regular cleaning can help prevent build up of gunk on the surfaces of porcelain sinks. Many stains only need a little bit of effort for cleaning and restoring the glaze over porcelain sink surfaces. But, there are stains that are hard to remove. In particular, it can be challenging to deal with hard water stains on porcelain sinks.

Can hard water stains be permanent

Hard water stains are that unpleasant sticky substances and annoying white crust that can form around sinks, toilets, showerheads, and faucets. These stains are known in different names such as hard water deposits, mineral deposits, limescale, and mineral buildup.

Hard water is a form of mineral-rich water. This is higher compared to average mineral content including magnesium and calcium. Hard water stains can form on the surface of porcelain sink over time.

Once hard water evaporates, mineral deposits are left behind. This grimy residue will solidify into an irritating film or crusty substance that is difficult and tricky to remove.

What does hard water stains look like

Hard water stains look like chalky white residue resulting from accumulation of the excess minerals found in hard water.

There is a big chance that you have already noticed the ugly-looking build up of hard water stains on your sinks, shower doors, showerheads, faucets, and other areas around your house where you use water.

Does hard water stains hard to remove

Hard water stains can form around sinks, faucets, showerheads, and toilets. Your kitchen sink is one of the hardest working parts around the house that constantly gets exposed to dish soap, hot water, and numerous cleaning solutions that further worsen the problem.

To remove hard water stains and restore the beautiful surface of your porcelain sink, you need to use the right tools and methods to remove hard water stains. The process might be a bit hard but it is very much doable and possible. Just be careful when you remove the stain to ensure that you don’t scratch the porcelain surface.

Does CLR remove hard water stains

You can use a stronger cleaner such as CLR if there are hard water stains on your sink, shower, or tub. When using CLR, always follow the instructions of the manufacturer and take necessary safety precautions.

Does vinegar remove hard water stains

Yes, you can try removing hard water stains using vinegar and water solution. You can also mix vinegar and tartar to free your surfaces from hard water stains.

Does Bar Keepers Friend remove hard water stains

If you are trying to remove hard water stains, you don’t need to look any further because Bar Keepers Friend can be your newest best friend.  The bathroom cleaner tackles not only hard water stains but also rust, mineral deposits, grime, and soap scum for your bathroom to stay sparkling and fresh. Even if the job is tough, Bar Keepers Friend is among the best products you can use to clean your bathroom.

Does WD40 remove hard water stains

You might not be aware of it but you can clean your bathroom using WD40. Since this is a type of lubricant that is not as harsh as other chemicals being used in the bathroom, WD40 is great for removing hard water stains as well as other types of stubborn stains without causing any harm on your surfaces.

Does hydrogen peroxide remove hard water stains

Hydrogen peroxide is one form of gentle cleaning agent you can use for removing hard water stains on vintage or colored porcelain.

Does baking soda remove hard water stains

Being a gentle type of abrasive cleaning agent, baking soda can be used on porcelain sinks. This can also help get rid of minor scuffing on porcelain surfaces. You can also use it to remove hard water stains.

Does OxiClean remove hard water stains

OxiClean can work wonders on hard water stains, soap scum, calcium deposits, grease, and lime stains so it can easily take the place of many types of products. To use this, all you need to do is spray OxiClean on the hard water stains and allow it to sit until the cleaning formula has turned white.

How to get rid of hard water stains on porcelain sink

Below are five methods that you can do to get rid of hard water stains on porcelain sink.

Remove hard water stains on porcelain sink with vinegar

  1. Prepare the vinegar and put it over the hard water stains.
  2. Allow the mixture to settle for 15 minutes.
  3. Once you noticed a change in color, wipe off the surface and use water to rinse it thoroughly. It is very important to wipe down the area to ensure that the hard water stain doesn’t resettle.

Remove hard water stains on porcelain sink with baking soda

  1. Apply some baking soda over the stained parts of the sink. This has the power of removing the stains without causing scratches.
  2. Scrub the solution with a sponge in circular motion then rinse this off without leaving behind any residue.
  3. Dry the surface later with a piece of cloth.

Remove hard water stains on porcelain sink with lemon

Since cleaning with acid dulls the surface, lemon juice is a better alternative for removing stains.

  1. Apply some salt on the surface then squeeze some lemon juice over it.
  2. Use sponge to scrub the mixture and let it sit for 15 minutes to remove the hard stains.

You can repeat the same process if you haven’t completely remove the stain. Make sure you also dry the surface after you rinse it with water.

Use pumice stone to remove hard water stains on porcelain sink

Pumice stone is a volcanic rock and works as a gentle abrasive when applied on porcelain sinks. This is recommended to be used only during extreme situations because it poses risks of scratching. Pumice stone can be used when cleaning your toilet bowl.

Eliminate hard water stains on porcelain sink with some preventive measures

After you use the faucet, make sure you use a cloth to wipe out any water. There is lesser chance that stains will form if you dry the water on the sink. Make it a habit to keep a cloth near the faucet. Use a natural cleaner to wipe out vulnerable areas at least five times per week. This will make your work easier when cleaning your porcelain sinks later on.

How to prevent hard water stains on porcelain sinks

After you clean your porcelain sink thoroughly, you can add some drops of lemon or baby oil on an old cloth then use this for coating the surface. It can prevent the stain from sticking further and makes the sink smell great as well.

You can also apply a small amount of car wax on a sponge and coat this on a sink bowl. It can prevent the surface from forming stains and causing scratches on it.

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