Does your curtain dry cleaners come to your door

Curtains are generally made from fabrics that cannot be washed at the house and hence need a dry cleaning service. Of course, it might sound a simple work to simply drop off your curtain at a dry curtain dry cleaners shop, it can become quite a hassle mainly if you have a busy schedule. Dry cleaning firms that provide door to door services can turn out to be a big relief for people who have pretty time to spare for such household chores.

You just need to follow a few instructions and you can get curtain dry cleaners door to door services.

curtain dry cleaners

The very primary step to finding a dry cleaning firm in Singapore. Although you will find a number of firms that will claim to be best in Singapore for dry cleaning curtains, you should not hurry into signing up for their services.  It is forever better to ask your friends and family for advice. Word of mouth is very essential whether you are hiring a dry cleaner or cleaning with a steamer. Hence, try to hire the curtain dry cleaners that are advised by your friends and family.

Once you have picked a dry cleaner that provides door to door services, you would just need to drop an email to them and they will call you themselves. You would then be asked to complete a form that would need details like your phone number and address etc. you would also be asked to pick a package from the list they will provide.

Since you would not need to get your curtains washed after every other week, you should go for a monthly plan.  This simply means that the delivery service of the firm would visit your home every month and receive your curtains. Most of the firms also provide you the option of curtain pick up or any other garments items on call. You can just call them at any time you need them and they would arrive at your doorstep.

Usually, curtain dry cleaners return your clothes within 3 working days. Again, your package will arrive at your doorstep, making the full process very perfect for you.

A number of firms offer this service for free if you bill for dry cleaning curtains or any other clothing item goes beyond a certain amount. Being a regular customer can also support you in this regard.

Most curtain dry cleaners would provide you several choices for payments. If it is easy for you, you can drop by the dry cleaning shop to clear your dues, anyway, if you have a busy schedule you can pay all your payments via a credit card. A monthly payment would be cut from your account and you would be informed about it.

Keeping in mind the benefits of the door to door dry cleaning services, it is forever better to look out for firms that provide this service. It will not just keep your time and power but will also free you from the hesitation of receiving your order in time.

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