How to wash curtains with rings

Many people don’t realize it but cleaning curtains isn’t as easy as it seems. Aside from being bulky, things become even more difficult if your curtains have metal rings.

Curtains with metal grommets not only look beautiful because installing them is also relatively easier. But, cleaning and maintaining them is a completely different story. 

How to wash curtains with rings

If you want to know how to wash curtains with rings, there are several quick and simple cleaning solutions that you can try. Here are a few tips to help you wash your metal ring curtains and enjoy their beauty for a long time.

Hand-wash Your Curtains with Metal Rings

Now, you might think that manually washing your curtains with metal rings can be too time-consuming and tiring. However, as far as these delicate and special curtains are concerned, hand-washing is and will always be the best thing you can do. You just need to use a detergent to remove those stubborn stains, dust, and other dirt particles that have accumulated on your curtains.

Clean Your Metal Ring Curtains in the Washing Machine

It is more ideal to clean lightweight curtains with the help of your washing machine because they won’t retain much water, not to mention that they are also easier to rinse. But, you must be very careful and consider the specific material of your curtain before you put it in the washing machine. There is a big possibility that the soft cotton material will shrink if you wash it using hot water. In case there is a risk of shrinking, it will probably be better if you just hand-wash your curtains.

How to Wash and Clean Heavy Curtains

Heavier curtains should only be hand-washed and never machine-washed. This kind of curtains tend to retain most of the water that can end up damaging your washing machine and this is the last thing you want to happen. When cleaning your heavier curtains, hand-wash these in the bathtub then add a quality fabric softener so that the job will be easier for you.

Steam Clean Your Curtains with Rings

Steam cleaning is one of the best options for a more thorough cleaning of curtains, specifically the heavier ones. But, this is something that you can only entrust to the hands of professionals so you should expect to spend some cash to get this service. There are already several providers of steam cleaning service so there is a chance that you can easily find in your area. Just make sure that you choose the best provider to make the most out of your money and ensure the highest quality results.

How to Clean Curtain Rings and Rods

Aside from the curtains themselves, you also need to clean their metal rings and rods. These metals might accumulate rust over time that can make your curtains look a bit shabby. For this task, you can use mild vinegar cleaners to remove the rust on the metal rod and rings.

Now that you know how to wash curtains with rings, make sure you follow these tips to enjoy your beautiful curtains for a long time.

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How to wash curtains with rings

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