Cleaning tervis tumblers

Tervis tumblers have gained an immense amount of popularity since they were first introduced in 1946. There are plenty of reasons behind their popularity and keeping the liquid inside at their actual temperature for a relatively long time is one of the major reasons.

Also, they are made up of plastic that is not only reliable and durable but has the ability to withstand any kind of atmosphere such as in a microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. One thing that needs proper consideration is cleaning Tervis tumblers.

Cleaning tervis tumblers

You may all have experienced the fact that Tervis tumblers can become cloudy or lose their shine with time. This is not the case that the plastic is getting old but it results because stains occur due to liquids inside the tumblers.

As people take their Tervis tumblers with them while going to the office, travel, or picnic, they require them to always look clean, sleek, shiny, and beautiful. There are many ways that can not only help you in cleaning Tervis tumblers but will bring back their original shine as well.

What are Tervis tumblers made of

Tervis tumblers are made of extremely durable plastic but there are a few additions that make it one of the best products nowadays. The walls of Tervis tumblers are doubled by inserting air between two layers.

Both of the layers are then fused together in such a way that nothing can pass through them. This thing acts as an insulator that helps in maintaining the right temperature inside the mug.

Are Tervis tumblers BPA-free

All the Tervis tumblers that are manufactured after 2009 or 2011 are completely BPA-free. You may get confused on whether your Tervis tumbler is BPA-free or not, well this confusion can be dissolved with a simple step.

BPA-free or new Tervis tumblers have a new logo on the bottom stated as “Tervis” while the old one was as “Tervis Tumbler”. If you get a tumbler with the new logo, it is 100% BPA-free.

Can Tervis tumblers go in the dishwasher

Tervis tumblers can go inside the dishwasher and manufacturers have designed their product while keeping this factor in consideration. You can put a tumbler inside the dishwasher with its normal or default settings.

Even if they can go inside a dishwasher, experts suggest not to do so. Washing your Tervis tumblers in the dishwasher very often can affect the insulation of the products and you may end up having a non-efficient travel mug.

Why do Tervis tumblers get cloudy

There are many reasons behind this factor. If you put hot water in your tumbler, the corrosion can also cause your tumblers to get cloudy.

Apart from this, the ingredients used in coffee or tea sometimes react with the material and the effect of sunscreen causes Tervis tumblers to get cloudy. If you are interested to learn how to remove sunscreen stains from plastic, please check our latest guide for more info.

In easy words, getting stains from liquid makes your shiny mug go dull and look cloudy. Using extremely tough detergent and rubbing with hard brushes may also make your Tervis tumbler lose its shine.

Will coffee stain Tervis

Coffee can definitely stain Tervis tumblers. Honestly speaking coffee itself is not that much responsible for staining Tervis but the heat and its reaction with other internal and external factors leave marks behind on the Tervis tumblers.

One of the major reasons that can cause coffee to stain your Tervis tumblers is letting it stay in your mug for a relatively long time. Experts and professionals suggest that you should not let coffee remain in the mug for extra time. Wash it off every time after using it for coffee or tea.

Can you bleach Tervis tumblers

You can bleach Tervis tumblers and there isn’t any harm in it. There is no other opinion that bleach is extremely strong in removing stains no matter how hard they are but the truth is, bleach has some drawbacks or side effects as well. The actual problem can occur if you let bleach stay in your tumbler for a relatively long time.

How to remove coffee stains from Tervis tumblers

You may have thought that coffee stains cannot be removed once they become hard on Tervis tumblers. Well, this is not true at all as you can get this job done with minimum effort. The best thing about removing coffee stains from Tervis tumblers is that it can be done using products used in daily household chores.

Removing Coffee Stains from Tervis Tumblers Using Baking Soda:

  1. You can start by pouring one or two tablespoons of baking soda into your Tervis tumbler.
  2. Add some water and stir it to the extent that it becomes a paste. Make sure that the paste is not too thick nor too runny.
  3. Take a cloth, scrub, or soft brush and keep on rubbing the stains with the paste for about 5 minutes.
  4. Run water in the Tervis tumblers and see if the stain is gone or still there. On the first try, the stain will be mitigated to a greater extent if not removed completely.
  5. On average, baking soda can remove coffee stains from Tervis tumblers by repeating the procedure two to three times.

Removing Coffee Stains from Tervis Tumblers Using Salt:

  1. Salt is probably one of the best options and can help you out if you don’t have any other products at your home.
  2. Place your Tervis tumbler under the water for some time so that stains can get wet and a bit softened.
  3. Now take a little amount of salt and start rubbing the stains with a brush or scrub. Make sure that you have scrubbed every little part of the stain with salt.
  4. Let your Tervis tumblers sit there for some time with the salt in them. This will make the stain extremely soft while getting every residue of coffee out of the surface.
  5. Wash your Tervis tumblers thoroughly with the water so that salt can be taken out of them with coffee residues as well.

How to remove tea stains from Tervis tumblers

Tea stains are as tough as coffee stains but they can also be removed from Tervis tumblers with the same procedure as mentioned above. Apart from using baking soda, you can get help from some other ingredients as well. The procedure for that is noted below:

Removing tea stains from tervis tumblers using vinegar

  1. Vinegar can be a great option for removing tea stains because of its strong composition.
  2. Start by heating the vinegar so that it can work more effectively.
  3. Pour vinegar inside the Tervis tumblers and let them stay still for about one to two hours.
  4. Remove vinegar from the tumblers and wash it with water.
  5. If there are still some traces of marks or stains left behind, repeat the process one more time.

Removing tea stains from tervis tumblers using lemon

  1. Apply lemon juice exactly on the stains in the whole of the Tervis tumblers.
  2. Ensure that every single point of the stain has been covered with lemon juice completely.
  3. Let stains be covered with lemon juice for about 10 to 20 minutes.
  4. Now take a soft cloth, scrub or brush and rub the satins for some time.
  5. Run tap water from the Tervis tumblers and see if the stains are gone completely.
  6. The stains will be removed on the first try and if not, repeat the procedure.

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