7 Steps to remove Rust Stains from Corelle Dishes [SOLVED]

Apart from being used to serve food, Corelle dishes make our dining tables look more colorful and elegant with their aesthetic designs and we can’t stand blemishes that could dent their splendorous semblance. This article is meant to help with useful information on how to clean Corelle dishes as well as closely related issues. 

Do corelle dishes stain

Corelle dishes are vulnerable to certain stains like rust which may lead to permanent or temporary discoloration. This rust is majorly caused by the dishwasher rack.

How to clean corelle dishes

This happens when the vinyl coat on the rack starts to peel off and when this occurs, they start to rust and end up transferring it to your dishes. Your drying racks can also be a possible cause if you are the type that washes your dishes with your hand. 

Why is corelle dishes so popular

No doubt, Corelle dishes is one of the most popular dishwares out there. According to a stat, it was reported that in the early 1970s and 80, Corelle dishware is owned by 35% of American households. Also in more recent times, it has become the top choice for vintage luxury dishware lovers for many reasons (soon to be disclosed).

One might immediately conclude that the major contributing factor to the popularity of Corelle dishware is because they’ve been around for quite a long time (since 1970) so they’ve been able to inject a lot of money into marketing and it’s paying off.

Well, they might have a point but that is not the reason for its huge acceptance. Have you heard of the saying “a good product sells itself”? Well, that is what is actually working out the magic for Corelle dishes. Corelle dishware’s popularity is as a result of some distinguishing characteristics which includes; 

  • Uniqueness: Corelle dishware’s existence might date back to the 1970s, but you can still very much find them widely in both local and international markets today. Although some of the product lines and patterns were discontinued and you can hardly find them but at a good price, you can get them from antique dishware collectors. Corelle dishware patterns hardly fade which makes them highly coveted and unique. 
  • Economical: Corelle dishware was never considered too expensive by its users. Even during it peak era, you can get Corelle dishware for as low as 15$ although there are other vintage Corelle collection you will have to pay more for if you desire them but they will surely make up for the extra cost with durability. 
  • Durability and lightweight: If I’m to make this article center around me and not consider people’s diverse opinions, o would say this is the only reason why Corelle dishware is so popular. Apart from being relatively cheap, they are also chip-resistant, fade-resistant, light-weighted, and microwave safe. I mean with all these almost inconceivable features, what more could one be looking for in a family dish? 
  • Style: Corelle dishware brand comes with broads of patterns that can easily blend well with your personal style. Corelle dishware can help you design your preferred look whether it be vintage, trendy, or classy look in numerous ways. 
  • Guarantee: Corelle brand products comes with a 3 years guarantee! Any Corelle brand products made with vitrelle glass that chips or breaks within the guarantee period shall be replaced. 

Why are my corelle dishes turning brown

Well, your Corelle dishes are turning brown because of any of the two reasons I pointed out earlier. It could be as a result of your dishwasher rack or your drying rack. Nevertheless, you can still avoid such a situation by paying more attention to your dish arrangement while washing with a machine or drying it.

If you are using a dishwasher, see to it that your Corelle dish does not make any contact with pots or pans made of metals. Plus ensure that they are not left in a corroded rack in your dishwasher. 

How to remove black marks from Corelle dishes

Most brown, red, and black stains we see on dishes, cups, or even the interior of the dishwasher are caused by the presence of iron and manganese in the water we use in cleaning them. You can get rid of any black mark stains on the Corelle dish by following this process. 

  1. Make a paste from 2 teaspoons of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of water. 
  2. Add few drops of dish soap to a scouring pad.
  3. Apply the paste directly on the affected spot and scrub gently.
  4. Rinse properly and repeat the process if the stain fails to budge. 

How to clean rim of corelle dishes

Corelle dishes are very easy to clean and under normal circumstances, they are not expected to rust in anyways as they are made from glass and not metal components. If your Corelle dishes have rusty edges, it’s most likely a result of exposure to other rusty metal components. Follow through with these steps to help get rid of stains on Corelle dish edges. 

Step 1

Wear a rubber glove to help protect your hands and place your corelle dish on a smooth spotless surface.

Step 2

Get a bland cleaner and pour 1/2 teaspoon on a washing sponge or cleaning stuffing.

Step 3

Cleanse the affected spot tenderly using the washing sponge or cleaning stuffing till it become spotless.

Step 4

Repeat the process if stain still persists.

Step 5

Cleanse in cosy frothy water 

Step 6

Rinse properly with warm water

Step 7

Dry the dishes with a microfiber cloth or towel

How to make my Corelle dishes rust stain free

Details above are for small or not-so-old rust found around the edges of Corelle plates. But for an older stay that could be hard to remove, you can follow the following process. 

Step involved 

Soak your corelle dishes in a vinegar bath overnight. After that is completed, remove the dishes and scrub with a scrubber or cleaning stuffing until the rust fades away.

How to get tea stains out of Corelle dishes

Fill the sink with water and pour about 1/2 c of bleach. Then soak in the dishes for some minutes. Rinse well and wash with dishwashing soap or run through a dishwasher. Dry up with a microfiber cloth or towel after cleaning.

We also encourage you to learn how to clean dishes after mice.

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