Vacuuming Ruggable Rugs? [Stey-by-step Guide]

Ruggable rug is a popular 2-layer system rug, known worldwide for its stain and water-resistant qualities. It is light-weighted and comes in different designs.

Ruggable is very easy to maintain and clean as the top layer can be washed in the machine. Yes, you heard me quite alright! They can! However, ruggables come in different sizes, and if yours is large-sized, you might find this question – “can I vacuum my ruggable?” interesting.

Can you vacuum ruggables

This question and some other closely related questions are the primary focus of this article, so read on.

What are ruggable made of

Ruggable is made from recycled polyester which makes it difficult for the ruggable surface to absorb water, thereby making them water-resistant. Other materials include; Thermoplastic rubber bottom and latex-free synthetic material that is commonly used in making yoga mats.

Do ruggable rugs smell

I know most readers want a more direct answer, but unfortunately, this question cannot be answered with either yes or no. Doing so will only leave readers confused and disappointed.

I don’t use a ruggable rug but my research has left me with two conflicting answers, with some of my correspondents saying that their ruggable rug gives off an unpleasant factory odor and that the smell lasted for months. While some others maintained that they were shocked that their ruggable rug didn’t give out any factory or chemical-related odor.

In general, what is important to know is that ruggable rug is not chemically treated which makes it completely toxic-free. This only means one thing, that even if ruggable rugs emit any kind of odor, it is not likely to cause any life-threatening health complications.

Can you use ruggable with a different pad

Yes, ruggable can be used with a different pad. However, you need to know that ruggable pads are perfectly designed to complement your ruggable rugs. Ordinarily, ruggable rugs are thin and the pad is designed to provide friction and give it a thick structure.

Although you might successfully improvise with other rug pads, but it is likely that the rug pad will not adhere perfectly to the ruggable rug because the materials used in making ruggable systems are perfectly engineered to adhere strictly to each other.

Should you vacuum rugs

Yes, you should vacuum your rugs because it is one of the best ways to keep them clean. Vacuuming rugs will help you get rid of dust that has been deeply ingrained in the rug.

However, you should know that materials used in making rugs are different and therefore, they cannot handle vacuum pressure in the same way. Consequently, you should be careful when selecting a vacuum for your rug.

To make your room/home dirt or allergen-free, you should clean your room at least once a week. And if you have pets, you should vacuum them 2 to 3 times weekly.

Should you vacuum new rugs

No, you don’t need to vacuum your new rugs because they are usually delivered in a clean state. However, because some rugs always come with some offensive odor, you might want to deodorize them and this will require you to vacuum them after deodorizing.

This is also highly dependent on the product you are using as your deodorant. For example, if you used baking soda or any other powdered deodorants, you will have to vacuum after using them. This is because powdered substances can easily escape into the rug and when it is mixed with any other liquid stain, it will form a paste and will cause your rug to discolor or even harbor bacterias and every other germ.

Should you vacuum a wool rug

Yes, you can vacuum your wool rug. To keep your wool cleaned, it is recommended that you wash it 1 to 3 times a year. The number of times you are expected to wash your wool rug in a year is determined to some extent by how often you vacuum it on a weekly or monthly basis.

If you’re the type that vacuums your wool rug frequently, you can wash your rug once a year. But if you are the type that finds vacuuming difficult, then you should be prepared to have it washed 3 to 2 times a year.

Should you vacuum a Persian rug

Yes, you can vacuum your Persian rug. Just like I generalized vacuuming for every rug, it will be good if you can vacuum your Persian rug at least once or twice a week. This will help prevent stains, especially the powdered ones from finding their way into the rug.

Although, you must be cautious of the kind of vacuum you intend to use. You should avoid using a vacuum with a brush attachment that rotates because it can easily comb through your rug and damage them.

Can I use a robot vacuum on a ruggable rug

No, you shouldn’t use a robot vacuum on a ruggable rug. Using a robot vacuum of any type whether it be iRobot Roomba or Eufy Robovac can have a damaging effect on the edges and corners of your ruggable rugs.

Does Roomba work on Ruggable

Yes, it can work on Ruggable but I would advise against using it. Not just only because it is not factory recommended but because I have encountered lots of negative testimonies about Roomba and Ruggable’s relationship.

If you try Roomba on Ruggable the first time, it might work perfectly ok but if you continue to use it, it is only a matter of time before you start to discover that the pad and the rug don’t stick together anymore.

Can you use a Dyson on ruggable

Yes, you can use Dyson on rugabbles but effectiveness is dependent on the model and settings. The best Dyson model perfect for a ruggable rug is the stick Dyson when it is put in the lowest suction setting.

How to vacuum Ruggable

Vacuuming a ruggable rug is as simple as vacuuming other types of rug.

The only twist to cleaning a ruggable rug is that you must carefully select the vacuum cleaner you intend to use and the vacuum must be set in the lowest suction.

And also, you should make sure that you turn off the beater bar or rotating brush attachment on your vacuum before you start to vacuum a ruggable rug.

How often should you vacuum a ruggable

Considering the delicate nature of ruggable and its stain and water-resistant quality, it would be best to vacuum your ruggable once or twice a week.

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Can you vacuum ruggables

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