Can You Vacuum Near a Hamster? [In-depth Guide]

Hamster is a renowned rodent burrower, originally from Syria, mostly raised as pets in the united states and around the world because of their gentle nature and not-so-complicated nurturing process.

Hamsters are nocturnal animals, which means that they prefer sleeping during the day than at night and are easily angered when disturbed in their sleep. Most hamster owners know this and always wonder if they can vacuum near hamsters.

Can you vacuum near a hamster

This article aims to determine if vacuuming has any effect on hamsters in anyways and also provides useful information that can help your hamsters overcome their natural fear of loud noises.

Can you hoover with a hamster in the room

Yes, you can hoover with your Hamster in the room. I know for sure that you already know that Hamsters have super sensitive ears and can hear sounds that are usually not audible to humans, and that’s why you asked this question so I’m going to go straight to the point.

Since they can hear low-frequency sounds, they will find loud noises disturbing and would not hesitate to let you know of their plight by biting you. Yes, they bite whenever they are angry!

Taking this into account, if you just got your Hamster and you do not know what attitude she has towards loud noises, it would be expedient to study what her behavior is before you vacuum around her.

If after studying her, you discovered that she has a negative attitude towards loud noises, you should get her to tolerate loud noises more by training her. If you can’t do this by yourself, you can seek help from professionals.

Vacuum cleaner noise frequency

According to research, an average vacuum cleaner’s noise frequency is 80 decibels, which means that an average vacuum cleaner is 3 times louder than a human conversation which is usually between 50 and 65 decibels. And that is why most vacuum sounds are often intrusive.

Some vacuums are super loud and can produce a sound as high as 85 decibels which is 4 times louder than a vacuum with a much lower sound frequency of 65 decibels.

Although Electrolux, a home appliance manufacturing company now produces vacuum cleaners with ultra silence quality and this vacuum has a sound frequency as low as 61 decibels.

Hamster hearing frequency range

Hamsters don’t have good sight, so they make up for it with good hearing. Hamsters have a good hearing frequency range and can hear sounds similar to that of humans whispering from incredibly long distances. An average Hamister can hear up to 150 decibels.

Back in the wild, Hamsters developed good hearing skills as a survival instinct to help them detect approaching predators from long distances. Once they hear the sound of the enemy approaching, they crawl back into their burrow to hide until their predators leave.

During the nights, when they carry out most of their hunting, they employ their good hearing skill to check if an enemy is lurking around before they embark on their hunting expedition.

Can Hamsters die from loud noise

No, Hamsters cannot die from loud music. Although some Hamsters express fear when they hear loud sounds like vacuum noise or when you play music and you put it in loud volume, I have not seen or heard of any report of Hamster dying as a result of loud sound.

It might even interest you to know that some Hamsters actually like music and don’t care much whether you are making noise or not. All she wants to do is to have fun!

Well, this should not come as a surprise to you because we have close to 24 species of Hamsters around the world and each species has a personality trait unique to them. The difference in their personality trait accounts for the reason why you see Hamsters exhibiting different behavior towards loud noise or music.

In general, you need to know your Hamister pet’s attitude towards loud noise for you to be able to tend to her needs appropriately.

Are Hamsters scared of vacuums

Yes, Hamsters are afraid of vacuum sound. vacuums rely on their hearing skill and powerful sense of smell to help them navigate their way in the dark because they don’t have good eyes.

Therefore, putting a Hamister in an extremely noisy environment is tantamount to disconnecting her from her immediate environment. That is why they panic and often look stressed out when put in such a situation.

In light of the aforementioned, it would be safe to say that Hamsters’ terrifying state in a noisy environment is borne out of their natural survival instinct because they feel vulnerable to attacks. Therefore, they are likely to hate the object which is the source of their discomfort.

Do Hamsters hate vacuum cleaner sounds

Yes, they hate vacuum cleaner sound. If your Hamster pet panics at the sound of noise in general, no doubt, she’s going to hate the sound of a vacuum cleaner because to her, it is the source of her discomfort.

However, if your Hamster doesn’t feel threatened by any noise whatsoever, then there’s the possibility that she’s not going to hate the sound of your vacuum cleaner.

Can you vacuum Hamster bedding

Yes, you can shop vac your Hamster beddings. However, before you start to vacuum her bedding, ensure that she’s not anywhere close to her cage so she is not terrified.

How to make Hamster not scared of vacuum cleaners.

You can get your Hamister accustomed to the sound of a vacuum cleaner by following the steps below.

  1. Take the vacuum outside (not anywhere close to the hamster’s room and ensure that it is turned off) and stay in the room with your hamster and give her a treat just for complying.
  2. Instruct your wife or kid to turn on the vacuum cleaner in a different room while you stay with the Hamster in another room. Give the canister treats while the vacuum is operating.
  3. If you noticed that your hamster does not panic on hearing the vacuum cleaner from distance, try it on in a closed room and offer her treat.
  4. Repeat this process with the treat until you can turn it on in the same room as the hamster.

How to protect Hamster from vacuum sound

The best way to protect your Hamster from vacuum sound is to make sure your Hamster is not anywhere close to where you are vacuuming. Even if you are vacuuming her cage, create a temporary place for her to stay until you finish vacuuming. Or you can as well get an ultra silence vacuum cleaner.

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