Can athlete’s foot live in carpet

You are probably familiar with the fact that athlete’s foot is a very common fungal infection that mostly affects the skin on your feet. It can equally affect men, children, and women of all ages.

A lot of people ask us that does athlete’s foot live in the carpet and how do you get rid of the athlete’s foot?

Can athlete foot live in carpet

This article will answer many of your important questions about athlete’s foot and help you stay safe from it.

Let’s get ready and jump into the article.

Can athlete’s foot spread on carpet

Yes, athlete’s foot can spread on the carpet.

The reason is that athlete’s foot is contagious. For your information, a contagious disease can either spread from person to person or from contaminated surfaces to a person.

Your carpet can catch athlete’s foot on its surface and then it can spread from there. Whenever you will walk barefoot on the carpet, the athlete’s foot will contact your skin and then your feet can become a potential source of spreading the athlete’s foot to other places in your house.

How long does athlete’s foot live on carpet

Athlete’s foot has a very long life.

It can live on carpet for several weeks. As per some experts, athlete’s foot can live on the carpet for even years in the form of spores.

Therefore, if you have athlete’s foot on your carpet then you shouldn’t expect that it will go away on its own and you won’t have to do anything. No, that’s not the case.

Instead, you have to take proper countermeasures to get rid of the athlete’s foot from your carpet.

What can remove athlete’s foot from the carpet

If you have athlete’s foot on your carpet, you must be stressing about what you can use for removing or killing it.

Luckily, there are tons of methods out there that can help you effectively remove athlete’s foot from your carpet.

You can use things like hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, anti-fungal spray, and vinegar, etc.

We have a complete detailed guide that will teach you how to remove athlete’s foot from the carpet. You will learn all the methods step-by-step.

So, keep reading and learn more.

Does peeing on your feet help athlete’s foot

No, peeing on your feet doesn’t help athlete’s foot.

A lot of people think that peeing on your feet helps kill athlete’s foot. They say that urine contains a compound called urea that is present in many skincare products especially in products related to athlete’s foot treatment.

However, if we look at reality then this is just a baseless claim without any scientific evidence.

Here are two reasons why peeing doesn’t help athlete’s foot:

  1. There is not enough urea present in urine to give any significant results.
  2. Urea doesn’t kill the athlete’s foot. Instead, it just targets the thick skin produced by the athlete’s foot and helps the anti-fungal ingredients to better penetrate the affected area and treat it effectively.

In simple words, the conclusion is that you should stop peeing on your feet because it is just gross and doesn’t help athlete’s foot.

Does Lysol kill athlete’s foot

Yes, Lysol can kill athlete’s foot!

Lysol has proven to be extremely effective for killing and removing athlete’s foot from surfaces.

If you have athlete’s foot on any surface then simply spray some Lysol over it and you will be able to easily kill it.

You can also spray Lysol into your shoes so your feet can stay safe from the athlete’s foot.

How to get rid of athlete’s foot on carpet

Do you have athlete’s foot on your carpet but don’t know how you can get rid of it? Don’t stress because we will teach you how to do it.

Here are the best methods you can use for removing athlete’s foot from your carpet:

1. Vacuum the carpet

When you have a carpet at home then you surely have a vacuum also, right? Take it out and start vacuuming your carpet.

Vacuuming will help you remove all the germs, bacteria, dust particles, and most importantly all the athlete’s foot spores that are hiding in your carpet.

Therefore, you can keep vacuuming and disinfecting your carpet on regular basis to remove the athlete’s foot.

2. Clean and disinfect it

If the athlete’s foot infestation is a bit severe then you will have to clean the carpet and disinfect it.

Start with creating a solution of vinegar and hot water in equal volumes. Now add an anti-fungal carpet cleaning solution inside it for more effective results.

Put this solution in your steam cleaner and start running it over your carpet affected by the athlete’s foot.

Once you have run it on your whole carpet then you should stop everything and allow the carpet to completely dry. Doing this will also let the vinegar smell fade away.

The best approach is to do this whole process before sleeping so the carpet can dry overnight and then you can have a clean carpet in the morning.

Recommended antifungal carpet cleaner

You might be wondering which antifungal carpet cleaner you should use?

There are many good antifungal carpet cleaners out there that you can use such as:

  • Mold Control
  • CLR Mold & Mildew
  • RMR-141 Disinfectant and Cleaner
  • Mold Armor FG502 Mold killer

If you find any other better option available in your area then you can use that as well.

3. Seek professional help

If you feel like you don’t have the time to do this on your own or you just find it too much difficult then no worries.

You can also seek some professional help.

There are many professional carpet cleaners out there that will remove the athlete’s foot infestation from your carpet. They have all the tools, equipment, and experience to get the job done.

You can also find one in your area and get your carpet cleaned.

How to clean floors after athlete’s foot

Do you want to clean your floor affected by the athlete’s foot? If yes, then we are here to tell you how to do so.

  1. Simply wash the floor with a disinfectant bleach (like antibacterial, antifungal).
  2. You can also use a solution of rubbing alcohol and clean the floor with it.
  3. Using a solution of Lysol liquid is also a good choice for cleaning the floor affected by the athlete’s foot.

All these options are good for killing the athlete’s foot and other harmful germs living on the floor and thus save you and your family from them.


Athlete’s foot isn’t a life-threatening condition but it can be extremely uncomfortable. By following our instructions provided above, you can easily remove the athlete’s foot from your carpet and get rid of it once for all.

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Can athlete foot live in carpet

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