Dry cleaning checklist 2021 for home

I guess you already know how does dry cleaning work. Sit down to make a house cleaning checklist so that you can make your mess-free extremely fast. With dry cleaning

sanitize the vinyl floor

How to sanitize vinyl floor?

Vinyl flooring is a durable, inexpensive flooring choice for those who like the wood floor. It’s estimated to last among 10 to 15 years. But with the right care and

How to sanitize baby hands

How to sanitize baby hands

If you have suddenly started cleaning your hands like Dr. preparing for surgery, you are not alone. Making sure our babies sanitize or wash their hands (and do not cough

Microbial vs Bacterial

Microbial vs Bacterial

What is Microbial? Microbes are very tiny things that are found complete around us and are very small to be seen by the human eyes. They live in soil, water,

Part time maid singapore

Part time maid vs full time maid

Hiring a housemaid shows to be a remarkable help, since it permits you to take pleasure in a couple of hours, while you can make use of doing something productive

rug cleaning Singapore

General Guide for Rug Cleaning

Rugs play an important part in the interiors of our homes. They place on the floor and make our home looks stunning.  As you go to buy rugs, you will