The ultimate cleaning with vodka guide

As human beings, we always try to keep ourselves neat and clean. Home accessories or places like furniture, tiles, washroom mattress, cooking place, or other things should be cleaned regularly because the germs and other harmful substances spread mostly from these things or places.

For cleaning, we mostly use detergent or other synthetic materials which is extremely harmful to us especially for the children. So, we should focus on something natural, environmentally friendly, and less harmful to our health.

The ultimate cleaning with vodka guide

Vodka is such a kind of thing resulting beyond our expectations. In this article, we are going to show you the effective use of cleaning with vodka and the effectiveness between isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and vodka (ethyl alcohol or ethanol)

The difference between isopropyl alcohol and vodka or Ethanol     

There is a difference between isopropyl alcohol and ethanol. Isopropyl alcohol also called isopropanol is a widely used disinfectant in hospitals, medical device manufacturing companies, pharmaceuticals, clean rooms, etc. It possesses disinfection properties to clean various things.

The cleaning solution can be made holding 60% and 90% isopropyl alcohol and 10%-40% pure water. It works better against viruses, bacteria, and fungi. But when alcohol pours below 50% its effectiveness for disinfection lessens dramatically. The absence of water can be a big factor to abolish the growth of microorganisms. When isopropyl alcohol mixed with water it works as rubbing alcohol.

On the other hand, ethanol also possessed the same structure but their chemical structure makes them different. You can drink ethanol alcohol and keep them in your home as a drink, like vodka, whiskey, etc. You can be drunk by ingesting ethanol, but when you drink isopropyl alcohol you will surely be sick. You can easily use ethanol or vodka as antiseptic and it can be your natural disinfectants. Both ethanol and isopropyl alcohol must be mixed with water to use it as a cleaner.

Vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning

As I mentioned above that these two alcohol holding the same structure, but their chemical variation makes them different from one another. You can consume vodka or ethanol but you cannot ingest isopropyl or rubbing alcohol. When it comes to a disinfectant or cleaner both will work in the same way. You must make a solution of 65%-95% alcohol taking either isopropyl or ethyl alcohol to make effective sanitizer suggested by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

You can use vodka or ethyl alcohol as a spray to disinfect the things that you cannot wash or laundry, like a mattress. But both can remove stains, dirt, or grim. Though isopropyl alcohol is toxic and has fragrance, so those who cannot tolerate or have an allergy problem you can use vodka as a natural disinfectant. One thing I must mention you cannot keep isopropyl alcohol inside your foods or cooking place as it’s toxic and can make you sick.

Does vodka kill mold?

Mold can dwell anywhere in your place. It can be odor and wreak havoc on people who have allergies. You can remove these mold by using any disinfectant chemical, but it can be expensive.

So, here is the surprising news is you can kill mold by using vodka. Vodka is an effective mold killer. You can make this recipe by yourself at home. It is quite inexpensive and works as a natural disinfectant.

The uses of vodka

Though most people know vodka as drinking alcohol, surprisingly it can be effectively used in cleaning a different thing of your home, office, or some other unlikely place. Here I am showing some uses below:

  1. Bed Cleaning: A comfortable and germs free bed can ensure your proper sleeping and healthy life. As your body sticks with the bed when you sleep so, if the germs other unusual bacteria remain on your bed it will affect your skin. So, before going to bed you can spray vodka recipes to your pillows, bed sheet, mattress, etc.
  • Bathroom Places: You can clean shower walls, basin, commode, and shower door by using straight vodka or you can spray it over those places. If you want to know more in regards to how to clean dirty bathroom tiles, please refer to our previous article.
  • Dirty Mirrors: There are so many chemicals having in the market to clean up dirt mirrors, like isopropyl or rubbing alcohol, but vodka can be used as an 70 percent isopropyl alcohol substitute Just go to your kitchen and make a cup of vodka, one cup of water, and a spoon of baking powder then mix it to a spray bottle.
  • Remove Body Odor: We must work outside the home and when the temperature becomes hot our body automatically sweats and clothes get wet. As a result, our body makes a bad smell and we feel uncomfortable to go in front of people. You can easily remove these bad smell by spraying vodka recipes. 
  1. Cleaning Floor: When we go home from outside, there are millions of germs having in our foot, socks even sometimes floors get greasy. So, you can just take some vodka into a spray bottle and make a spray on the floor. The vodka floor cleaner can be as effective as the other floor cleaner is.

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