How to remove turf stains from cleats

Artificial rubber surfaces are used in various fields where major games are played such as soccer. Such kinds of surfaces provide players with an even and well-balanced area so that nothing can disturb them while playing. Even if turf or rubber surfaces are great for playing games, they can also cause some serious stains on your soccer shoes also known as cleats.

Cleats are made up of leather which can take the color of turf and become a tough stain. There is no big issue as you can remove turf stains if you know the right method. This guide will give you a clear idea of how to get rid of turf stains on cleats?

How to remove turf stains from cleats

Is it bad to wear cleats on turf

There is nothing bad in wearing cleats on turf but you should know some important factors of soccer cleats and their relation with artificial grass or turf. Different cleats work differently on turf and you should choose the one that can improve your game while preventing turf stains as well. 

In terms of creating traction, molded and interchangeable cleats are highly recommended. Do keep this fact in mind that soccer cleats are solely manufactured so that they can be used on artificial synthetic grass or turf, the only issue is cleats getting turf satin.

Do turf stains come out

Turf stains can come out of your leather shoes or cleats. The thing is that as soon as you start the removal process, the more efficient and easiest it will be. Turf stains can get tough with time.

This is the reason that experts recommend removing dark dirt immediately after the game and putting your shoes in a mesh box if you are going to remove stains after reaching your home or hotel. Keeping your cleats in a mesh or mesh-like box will allow air to reach cleats that will keep the turf stain fresh for a relatively long time.

Can you put cleats in the dryer

Drying your cleats after washing is essential as having moisture in cleats fabrics can emit a bad smell while affecting durability as well.

You should neither put cleats in dryers nor use a hairdryer or direct sunlight for this purpose. Just keep your soccer shoes in your room and let them air dry at normal room temperature.

Can you wash cleats in the washing machine

Hard surfaces or too much pressure can damage the quality or may even ruin your cleats in no time. This is the reason that you should only wear them while you are in the field.

Although cleaning or washing soccer cleats right after each match is recommended, putting them inside a washing machine will get no better result, instead, it will damage them to a greater extent.

You should wash them simply with water or rub them with a soft cloth dampened in detergent, water, or a cleaning solvent.

What can remove turf stains from cleats

You don’t need any tough and expensive commercial products to remove turf stains from your soccer cleats. Simple, common, and cheap products can help you in this regard, the only thing you need is time and a little effort.

Artist’s eraser, laundry detergent, non-gel toothpaste, pencil eraser, soft cloth, and dishwashing soap are some of the most prominent products to not only remove turf stains but in an efficient manner.

How to clean turf marks off cleats

Using Non-Gel Toothpaste:

  1. If the stain is not that old and tough, start the turf stain removal process by taking a suitable amount of non-gel toothpaste on an old toothbrush.
  2. Rub and scrub the stained area thoroughly with the brush until you see all the paste has become dark due to turf stain residues.
  3. Wash off the leather cleats with a bit of warm water and see if the stain still remains.
  4. If some marks are visible, repeat the same procedure until turf stains and even its micro residues have been completely wiped off from your leather cleats.

Using Eraser, Warm Water, Shoe Polish:

  1. As soon as the soccer game is over, remove the excess amount of turf or dark material from your shoes. This will make them light as turf can darken the stain if it remains on leather shoes for a long time.
  2. For light and corners of the turf stains, use a pencil eraser to get them removed.
  3. Rub the eraser gently so that you don’t damage the leather surfaces by either removing layers from leather or putting an eraser layer on your shoes.
  4. Once light stains have been removed completely, dampen a soft cloth or sponge with warm water and scrub the stain thoroughly.
  5. Adding some laundry detergent or a cleaning agent can help you get better results in minimum time.
  6. As most of the stain will be removed or mitigated after washing, repeat the same procedure as you did before with a pencil eraser.
  7. Repeat steps 3 to 7 until all the grass color or turf stains have been removed and are not visible on your leather shoes.
  8. Polish your shoes if it is suitable so that its shine and attraction can be revived while having your soccer cleats as shiny and attractive as they were new. 

How to protect cleated shoes from turf

  1. The first thing is to buy cleats in fabrics that are relatively less prone to turf stains or removing them is not that hard. Although this factor will not protect your shoes from turf satin but will mitigate them to a great extent.
  2. Avoid carbon fiber soleplates cleats as they can heat up to some good level which can not only affect your game performance but the stain will get more often and will become tough rapidly because of high temperature.
  3. Make sure that your cleats are completely dry before you wear them in the field. If there is some liquid or moisture on the upper surfaces of cleats, the chances of getting a stain will be high.
  4. Avoid lightweight shoes as they have minimum material used in the production. This factor makes cleats a lot nearer to the hot turf which will increase the chances of cleats getting in touch with the ground and getting stains very often.

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