How to remove stains from rubber bath mat

The benefits of a bath mat can never be overemphasized. After a shower, you most definitely don’t want to risk walking on that slippery tiled floor on a wet foot, would you?

Of course, many people are aware of the importance of a bath mat but you will be surprised to know that only a few people know how to clean this cardinal home tool that has the potential of harboring bacteria, mildew, and molds if not properly cleaned.

How to remove stains from rubber bath mat

Anyways, that’s a topic for another day as the purpose of this article is to provide useful information on how to clean rubber bath mats.

What are rubber bath mats made of

The rubber mat is manufactured from natural rubber with no chemical composition in its build-up, which makes it completely eco-friendly and chemical toxic-free. The material offers some form of comfort by providing a soft landing for feet and has a grippy back surface which makes it a perfect slip resistance.

What is the best way to clean a rubber bath mat

The best way to clean your rubber mat must guarantee the safety of the mat after cleaning.

I always recommend that people check the care tag label that comes along with their bath mat for information on products to use and products to avoid.

Not only that, but the label will also recommend the right condition under which your bath mat can be washed in the washer or dried in the dryer. After you’ve gone through the label, then you can follow up with the following steps.

  1. Take the mat outside and shake it aggressively to rid it of any dirt or dust buildup on the mat.  You can also wipe it with a microfiber cloth.
  2. Then you can proceed to either washing the bath mat in a bathtub with your hand or wash in the washing machine using a bleach formula (provided that they are safe). Although regarding the choice of cleaner, you have various options to choose from. But bleach is a very powerful disinfectant that can help you not just only with cleaning but can also assist in getting rid of black molds that have accumulated in your rubber bath mat over the years, due to constant exposure to moisture.

In some later sections, detailed information will be provided on how to perfectly wash a rubber bath mat with a washing machine and in a bathtub.

Can you wash the rubber bath mat in the washing machine

Yes, you can wash your rubber bath mat in a washing machine. The following steps will guide you through the process involved.

  1. Put the rubber bath mat in the load and run the machine just as you normally would if you were doing laundry.
  2. Add any detergent of your choice with half a cup of bleach.
  3. You can wash with either warm or cold water, just ensure that the machine is run through a gentle wash.
  4. Withdraw the mat from the machine and dry up.


Make sure you don’t put clothes or other materials with low bleach tolerance levels together with the rubber mat in the wash load.

How to clean plastic bath mat in the washing machine

Below is detailed information on how to clean your plastic bath mat in a washing machine.

  1. Put the plastic mat in the wash load and launder the normal way.
  2. Add any detergent of your choice (provided that they are safe) with ¼ cup of white distilled white vinegar and a dab of tea tree oil.
  3. You can wash with either warm or cool water but make sure your machine setting is kept low.
  4. Withdraw mat from the machine and air dry.

How to wash bath mat by hand

The following steps will guide you through the process involved in washing bath mats by hand.

  1. The best way to effectively attract stains on your bath mat is to have it soaked in a diluted bleach solution. You must ensure that the meat is completely submerged in the solution for optimum results.
  2. Leave it submerged for about 3 hours and scrub thoroughly if the stain is a difficult one.
  3. Once the stain is completely gone, withdraw the mat from the tub and sundry.


Bleach is an irritant and can affect your eyes and skin. So it is advisable that when you put on protective gloves and glasses when dealing with bleach of such quantity.

Also, ensure you work in a spacious and well-ventilated environment to prevent dizziness.

How to stop bath mat from going moldy

One of the best ways to ensure your bath mat is moldy-free is by soaking it in distilled white vinegar and water solution for few hours. Rinse with water and dry afterward. This process should be repeated at least once a month.

How often should you wash rubber bath mats

The bath mat always stays moisturized, which makes it the ideal place for microbes, bacteria and mildews to breed and grow.

The bath mat is something we use daily, so it has to be cleaned at regular intervals because the more we leave it untreated, the higher the chances that bacteria will grow in it. Therefore I would suggest that you clean your bath mat every 2 to 3 weeks.

Rubber bath mat stain FAQs

1. Why does the rubber bath mat go yellow?

Rubber material contains a chemical compound known as an antioxidant. This chemical is formulated into rubber materials to ensure they last longer and protect against brittleness. This chemical causes the rubber to produce yellow stains when it comes in contact with flexible surfaces like vinyl floors or countertops.

2. How long do rubber bathroom mats last?

Although a bathroom mat is expected to last between 1 to 3 years the truth is, there’s no particular formula or criteria used to determine the lifespan of a bathroom mat.

3. What can I use instead of a bath mat?

  1. You can recycle your old cloth or rags into a beautiful bath mat.
  2. Attach colorful garden pebbles and stones on a floor mat and transform it completely into a bath mat.

You can also use cork,  bamboo, stones, and wood.

4. Is a bathroom mat necessary?

Yes, a bath mat is necessary for every bathroom because you just can’t do without it. You need something that could provide friction against slippery bathroom floors.

5. Is it ok if I dry off on the bath mat?

No, it is not ok to dry off on the bath mat. Although, this does not have any serious implication on you or the mat. But drying off on the bath mat will make it soggy and saturated which may not go down well with whoever uses the shower after you. It is better that you dry off in the tub instead.

6. Is it ok to put a bath mat in the dryer?

No, you cannot put your bath mat in the dryer. This is because the heat in the dryer will distort it.

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