How to remove iron stains from toilet bowl

It is an old saying that if you want to know about the person and residents living in a home, you should check the cleanliness of their bathroom and kitchen. Iron stains, also known as rust stains are probably the most common marks that can affect the shine and cleanliness of your toilet bowl. There is no doubt that these stains not only look bad but are extremely hard to remove as well. So, the question is: how do you remove iron stains from the toilet bowl?

What are iron stains

People usually get confused between iron stains and rust stains but the reality is that there is no difference between them. Rust stains are just the second phase of iron stains.

How to remove iron stains from toilet bowl

Iron stains are red-brownish marks in the toilet, especially at the corners or curves of the bowl. Iron stains are usually caused when iron particles go through the process of oxidation.

What causes iron stains in the toilet

One of the major causes of iron stains in or around the toilet bowl is the water containing a huge amount of iron in it. This is probably the most common cause of having iron stains in your toilet bowl.

Although there are no side effects of such water, the iron can oxidize which will result in red-brownish color marks on the toilet bowl.

Iron stains can also be caused in the toilet if the water is coming through a very old water supply of iron pipes. Such pipes can transfer iron particles to the toilet especially if they are going through a deteriorating process.

What can dissolve iron stains in the toilet bowl

There are plenty of commercial cleaning products as well as homemade or kitchen ingredients that can dissolve iron stains in the toilet bowl. The only thing you should know is to use products in the right manner.

Will vinegar remove iron stains?

Vinegar is great in removing many kinds of tough stains and iron stains are included in this list as well. Vinegar cannot only remove the stain but can prevent it from happening as well.

Will CLR remove iron stains?

CLR is a strong and effective product when it comes to removing iron stains from the toilet or any other surface. CLR is mainly used by workers to remove rust from bolts and nuts while making them shiny as they were new.

Will bleach remove iron stains?

Bleach can remove iron stains from the toilet but it should never be used for this purpose. Bleach has chlorine which can even accelerate the rusting process and may have a great impact on the color of your toilet as well.

Will Oxiclean remove iron stains?

As its name suggests, Oxyclean includes a great amount of oxygen which is well known for contributing to the rusting process. This is the reason that it is not very much recommended by the cleaning agents and experts.

Will WD40 remove iron stains?

We can safely say that WD40 is probably the best commercial product for iron stains. It can dispatch iron particles and rust from the toilet surface and pull each residue out of the toilet surfaces.

Will Coke remove iron stains?

Coke is effective to remove iron stains as it is carbonated. This factor makes it able to break down the iron particles and makes it easy for you to wash them off. Other ingredients such as Phosphoric and Citric acids also contribute to the process.

Will a magic eraser remove iron stains?

A magic eraser can remove iron stains from any kind of surface. It is effective in this process but may leave a few scratches on the toilet or any metal on which you use it. Although these scratches are not that huge and cannot be seen especially in the curves and corners of your toilet.

How to clean iron stains from the toilet bowl

  1. Start by treating the stain by spraying water and vinegar mixture with a one-by-one ratio.
  2. Scrub the toilet bowl properly with a toilet brush so that stains can get detached from the toilet.
  3. Make a mixture of baking soda (Three-Part) and white vinegar (One Part) with a proper ratio.
  4. Apply this paste on the stain with a scraper or any other tool that can assist you without getting dirty.
  5. Scrub the area thoroughly after letting the paste stay there for a few minutes, usually, 10 minutes are considered enough.
  6. Wash off the area thoroughly as most of the stain would be gone if not all.
  7. If there are still some traces of stains on your toilet, apply some commercial products such as Borax or WD40 to take out the remaining stains from the pores of the toilet bowl.
  8. Now for one last time, run a good amount of water from your toilet so that it can take away all the iron particles and residues from your toilet.

How to prevent getting iron stains in a toilet bowl

  1. The best way is to thoroughly clean your toilet at least once a week. Practicing this habit will not allow iron particles to build upon the toilet surface and turn into tough stains after a few weeks.
  2. If there are some products with iron cans or bottles such as shaving cream or gel, put them in a high place or inside the cabinets. Putting iron bottom cans on the sink or near the toilet can also cause iron stains in the toilet.
  3. Replace old iron pipes that are now beginning to decompose. You will have to get them replaced today or tomorrow, so it is better to get the job done before it causes major issues.
  4. Use a water filter as it will help you to filter iron particles from the water coming towards your bathroom. Although it is not the best suitable option, it can help you to a great extent.
  5. While cleaning your toilet on a weekly basis, don’t just run the water from the toilet. Brushing its curves and corners is extremely essential as these are the places where iron stains occur in most cases.

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