How to remove aloe vera stain from clothes [SOLVED]

Aloe vera is popular for being a potent and effective natural remedy used for different conditions. But, if you ever end up dripping the gel on your favorite shirt, you need to arm yourself with enough knowledge on how to get aloe vera stains out of clothes.

What is aloe vera

Aloe vera is a type of succulent plant commonly used in the field of alternative medicine. It has a total of 420 different plant species and is widely in demand in Indian medicine to help treat various conditions. Through the centuries, aloe vera plant has gained and established a remarkable fame because of its medicinal, skincare, health, and beauty properties.

How to remove aloe vera stain from clothes

Aloe vera is a name derived from “alloeh,” an Arabic word that means “shining bitter substance”. Vera, on the other hand, is a Latin term that means “true.” Aloe vera is extensively used for years in many cultures including Egypt, Mexico, Greece, India, Japan, and China.

The aloe vera plant is part of the Asphodelaceae or Liliaceae family that tends to thrive in the dry regions of Asia, Africa, Europe, and America.

Aloe vera ingredients

There are several minerals, vitamins, and different active ingredients found in aloe vera and these are responsible for its long list of health benefits.

There are three primary layers in every leaf of aloe vera. The inner gel of aloe vera contains 99% water while the remaining portion is made up of vitamins, lipids, glucomannans, sterols, and amino acids.

Latex makes up its middle layer. It is the yellow sap that contains anthraquinones and glycosides. Finally, the outer layer of aloe vera is made up of 15 to 20 cells called rind. This works through offering protection to the leaf’s inner part and it also synthesizes carbohydrates and proteins at the same time.

Can aloe vera stain clothes

The sad news is that aloe vera can stain your clothes and these stains might look a bit disastrous.

Do you have to wash off aloe vera

If you apply aloe vera on your face, it is not really mandatory for you to wash it off afterwards. But, if you allowed the gel of aloe vera to remain on your skin for a long time, such as until the gel has dried off or overnight, you need to use lukewarm water to wash it off.

On the other hand, aloe vera gel that found its way to your clothes must be washed off properly to prevent unsightly stains.

Does aloe vera ruin clothes

Even if aloe vera stains may look terrible on your favorite clothes, it doesn’t mean that it is time for you to toss them out. As long as you treat the stain right away, you can ensure the success of the stain removal process.

Does aloe vera come out of clothes

Since aloe vera gel is non-greasy, this will typically come out of your clothes in the wash.

What can remove aloe vera from clothes

Some of the products that you can use to remove aloe vera from your clothes include laundry pretreatment products, heavy-duty liquid laundry detergents, oxygen bleach, or chlorine bleach.

How to clean aloe vera stain from clothes

To clean aloe vera stain from your clothes, the first thing you have to do is to scrape off any aloe vera gel from the garment with the help of a butter knife. Be careful when scraping to ensure that the aloe vera gel doesn’t end up spreading further into other parts of the garment.

Put some laundry pretreatment product on the stained parts of the shirt and allow the product to sit for 1 minute. Apply several drops of the heavy-duty liquid laundry detergent over the aloe vera stains. Work this detergent into the garment’s fabric using your fingers.

Use the hottest water setting that the fabric allows to wash the shirt. Make sure you check the shirt right away if there is still any lingering stain after washing.

Wash the shirt using oxygen bleach or chlorine bleach if there are remaining stains. Oxygen bleach should be used for delicate materials or colored shirts while chlorine bleach must be used for durable fabrics and whites. See to it you refer to the bleach product’s label for the correct amount you should use for the specific load size.

Aloe vera stains FAQs

Read on below to know some of the frequently asked questions about aloe vera stains.

Does aloe vera stain skin?

If you plan to use raw aloe gel found inside the aloe leaf, you need to keep in mind that the sticky yellow liquid or the aloe latext found right inside the aloe leaf’s outer surface might form a yellow stain on your skin if applied incorrectly. The good news is that this stain can be easily washed away using water although it might be a bit embarrassing, particularly if you applied aloe vera on your face to help soothe sunburn.

Does aloe vera stain hair?

Aloe vera is completely safe to be used on your hair and let it sit overnight. Fresh aloe vera gel can be applied on your hair before you to sleep then wash this off the next morning to achieve healthy and soft hair. This can be used one or two times a week. Using it every day might cause cold since it also has cooling properties. So far, it seems that aloe vera doesn’t stain hair.

Does aloe vera stain carpet?

Aloe vera might also stain carpets just like how it can stain clothes. If you ever end up getting aloe vera stains on your carpet, you can try to apply several drops of the heavy-duty liquid laundry detergent of your choice over the spots. Work the detergent on the fabric with your fingers. Blot it off with a piece of cloth or paper towel soaked in water to remove the detergent. Check the carpet again for any lingering aloe vera stains.

Does aloe vera stain granite countertop?

If you cut an aloe vera leaf and the gel has seeped through your granite countertop, this might leave behind a dark stain that looks like a water stain. In case you left the stain on your counter for several hours, it is important that you take some necessary measures to remove it.

If ever the dark spot hasn’t evaporated yet and disappeared in a matter of hours after you removed the leaf of aloe vera, it means the juice already absorbed into granite countertop and stained it.

Stains on granite countertops just like other stains in porous or stone surfaces cannot be easily removed with the use of simple methods or cleaners. But, majority of granite countertop stains could be removed with ease unless it is very deep or old already.

You can use a specialized method depending on how serious the stain is.

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