How to keep dust off furniture

Wood furniture pieces can be very charming additions to any part of your home. However, in spite of the wonderful benefits that wood furniture has to offer, one drawback is that wood also happens to be a big dust magnet. Just when you thought that you have already finished dusting off all your wood furniture, you will notice a new layer of dust that settled on the surface. This tiring cycle goes on and on.

However, dusting is a task that you cannot just ignore. After all, regularly dusting your wood furniture is the first step to leave your home beautiful and clean. But, just so you know, regular dusting is also good for you and your family’s health.

How to keep dust off furniture

It has been revealed that dust is one of the common causes of asthma as well as other asthma-like symptoms. Endotoxins are the bacteria chemicals present in dust that can trigger wheezing and asthma in adults. It is also believed that dust mites and dust particles may also lead to the presence of different allergies inside homes.

This only means that you need to keep dust at bay. How, do you do it, then? There are actually several tips that you need to follow to keep your house allergen-free and beautifully clean at the same time. Even though there is really nothing that you can do so you can prevent dust completely, there are several preventative measures that you can take so that your wood furniture will remain free from dust for as long as possible.

Use a vacuum cleaner on your hard floors

Clean your hard floors using a vacuum cleaner instead of using a broom to sweep them. Sweeping with a broom will only move the dust around. This dust can then get into the air and settle on your wood furniture. You can also try using a vacuum cleaner that comes with HEPA filter if possible for additional protection from dust.

Dust your wood furniture with clean cloth

Every time you dust the wood furniture pieces in your home, make sure that you always use a clean piece of cloth. Cleaning wood furniture with dirty cloth only leads dust getting reapplied to the wood furniture, thus pushing it further to the surface. You should also avoid using feather dusters as these will only move the dust around instead of attracting and removing it. Dust your wood furniture with a slightly damp cloth instead.

Pets and wood furniture don’t go together

See to it that you also keep your pets off your wood furniture. Pet dander can be a primary contributor to dust in homes, making your wood furniture dusty faster than what you wanted.

Practice annual cleaning of heating, aircon and air vents

Cleaning your air conditioner fins, heating and air vents once every year can help prevent the release of the dust settled in the vents from getting released to the air that can then settle on your wood furniture.

Change air and heating filters regularly

The moment dust fills up the filter, it means that it is time for you to change it. Leaving a dirty filter as is means that once you turn on the heat or air, the dust will blow into your house and settle on your furniture pieces.

Take advantage of used dryer sheet

After you dust your wood furniture, rub it with used dryer sheet. Fabric softener sheets can help prevent dust from getting stuck to your furniture.

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