How to get stains out of terrazzo floors

Terrazzo floors are extremely popular and efficient while being quite inexpensive as well. Just because the floor is delicate and requires a good amount of maintenance, people often have some assumptions and confusion in their minds. Although durability is a fact, terrazzo has been proved as a good floor in this regard but getting stains is still a tricky part.

Like all other flooring materials, terrazzo floors can also get stains. The question that arises in the mind of all house owners and workers is, how do I get stains out of terrazzo floors?

How to get stains out of terrazzo floors

Keep on reading this article to know each minor to the major aspect of terrazzo floors and their proneness to the stains.

What are terrazzo floors made of

The terrazzo floor is a combination of concrete and marble chips that are formed in a mishmash or irregular pattern. During the Venetian and Roman times, creating sculptures, furniture, and idols using marble chips was one of the major hobbies, and this practice left behind a lot of scrap marble.

This was the time when the terrazzo floor started because people began to utilize the small parts of marble for some useful things. The floor is created by mixing concrete and applying it evenly on the ground, then the scrape of marble chips is exposed on the concrete forming a new kind of floor material that is quite attractive as well.

Can terrazzo floors be stained

As there are two parts of the terrazzo floor, the cement portion of it can easily get stained, or maybe said that cement absorbs stains of various kinds. Not only that your terrazzo floors can get stains from most common causes such as ink, ketchup, blood, dust, lather rubbing, but some stains can also form with time on their own as well.

You should refinish, maintain, and take care of your terrazzo floor with proper methods because the shine and attractiveness of your floor can get dull with time. Even such stains can only be absorbed or signs are shown just by the concrete part of the floor that is 30% of the total area because marble scrape is less likely to catch stains.

What can remove terrazzo floor stain

Removing stains from the terrazzo floor is not that difficult as you can get this job done with easy-to-follow procedures. The only thing you need is to find the right methods and use the most appropriate product for the purpose.

Where common stains can be removed with basic homemade or kitchen ingredients, you may need extra effort for bringing the shine and attraction to the floor. For stains that are formed because of some long-term reasons can be removed using various options such as painting or polishing them again.

Can you bleach terrazzo floors

Using bleach on terrazzo floors is usually prohibited by most experts as the chemicals and abrasive ingredients of the beach can badly affect the color and shine of the terrazzo floor.

Can you use vinegar on terrazzo floors

Just like bleach, using vinegar is also not a good option because of its extreme properties. People often use white vinegar that is too mixed with water and usually gets the best result as well. But this is a risky way of removing stains as you may get a worse stain of vinegar in the end.

Can you use Fabuloso on terrazzo floors

Use Fabuloso cleaner with a ¼ ratio of water. It is pretty decent in treating stains and usually leaves a pleasant smell and shine after the cleaning process.

Can you steam clean terrazzo floors

If there is a coating of polymer or acrylic on your floor, using steam can scrape off the coating in no time. If there isn’t any coding using steam can work but is not the best option available.

How to clean stained terrazzo floors

  1. Floor stripper waxes can be toxic and allergic to somebodies. Therefore, using latex gloves and a mask is highly recommended to protect yourself from its fumes.
  2. Make a mixture of floor stripper and water, usually the 1 part stripper with 6 to 7 parts of water form an appropriate solution.
  3. Apply this solution directly to the stained terrazzo floor area and let it stay there for about 5 to 10 minutes. It will break down the satin into molecules.
  4. Agitate the mixture and scrub the area with medium pressure. This practice should be done until you see no stain material or color is coming out of the floor.
  5. Now put paper towels, tissue paper, soft cloth, or any other material to soak up most of the solution from the floor.
  6. Use stone-safe cleaner, in the end, to wipe off the floor stripper completely while giving a feel of polishing to the terrazzo floor as well.

How to remove rust stains from terrazzo floors

  1. Water-mixed-ammonia and peroxide can help you in removing rust but just because it is a chemical and can be harmful, you should wear gloves to prevent burns.
  2. Damp a cloth in the solution and soak a good amount of peroxide.
  3. Put that peroxide-filled cloth on the stained area and let it stay there without any movement.
  4. Now do the same procedure while using the ammonia and putting the cloth on the peroxide cloth on the floor.
  5. Let both these clothes work for at least 10 to 30 minutes without any disturbance.
  6. This will remove the stain thoroughly and now all you have to do is just wipe off the solution from the floor using dishwashing soap and water.

How to get urine stains out of terrazzo floors

Abrasive soft powder, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, commercial products such as floor stripper,  floor cleaning detergent, neutral cleaner, and sometimes even simple tap water can allow you to get urine stains out of terrazzo floor with minimum effort and getting maximum results.

How to prevent stains on the terrazzo floor

  1. Remove dust and debris on a regular basis especially after hosting a lot of guests or an event.
  2. Wash the terrazzo floor at least twice a week with a good floor cleaning product.
  3. Wipe off the material with simple tap water as soon as you find something on the floor such as blood, ink, etc.
  4. Don’t move your furniture or leather items while rubbing the floor, instead, pick them up and then move even if it is two to three inches above the ground.
How to get stains out of terrazzo floors

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