How to get rid of febreze smell

Febreze smell is a type of smell that we often find around the rooms, clothes, and other furniture, carpets, or mats. For some people, Febreze-made smells are either toxic or harmful. So, how to get rid of the Febreze smell?

We’re going to divide our answers to this question into four parts. The four answer parts start from our clothes, which belong to the most frequent areas to get impacts from Febreze smells. Last, we’re going to see the ways to eliminate Febreze odors in carpets.

How to get rid of febreze smell

Before we dig deeper into our answers, we’re going to guide you to understand Febreze’s possible toxicity levels. We’re also going to learn how long will Febreze’s odors typically last.

Is Febreze toxic to humans

Procter & Gamble is the company behind Febreze. The company claims Febreze uses a donut-shaped chemical to trap odor molecules. Many people say Febreze is too fantastic to realize, and the false odor molecule claim is just the beginning.

Still, we have to prove if Febreze is toxic to humans or not. We observe Febreze’s chemical ingredients to determine their possible toxicity since toxicity levels are always related to the chemicals. There are 87 different chemicals in Febreze, but the company only discloses three.

Among the 87 chemicals are limonene and butylphenyl methylpropional, the two chemicals that cause allergies to our skin, eyes, and lungs. Acetaldehyde is yet another substance in Febreze that is toxic for non-reproductive organs and can cause cancers. These three ingredients are enough proofs that Febreze is a toxin to humans.

Is Febreze safe to inhale

According to information written from their website, Febreze makes use of Nitrogen (an element present in the air we breathe) as a stimulant. This means there are no flammable stimulants like butane, propane, and isobutane capable of causing any harmful side effects when inhaled in their products. However, it was also clearly stated on their website that if you intentionally inhale its content, consequently increasing its concentration, it can be harmful.

Going by their claim (which could be based on marketing strategy) it could be safe to inhale Febreze. However, if you want to stop using Febreze because you don’t trust them, you had better stop using fresheners in general because they all contain ingredients that have the potential of irritating the lungs.

Does Febreze eliminate odor

No, Febreze does not eliminate odor! Before I go into details, how about a snippet about how the freshener works?

Febreeze contains a doughnut-like molecule called cyclodextrin: as the freshener dries, the odor molecules present in the air bind with the cyclodextrin, consequently, making them ( odor molecule) less concentrated. While this process is ongoing, the odor released by the cyclodextrin molecule will override the molecule odor in the air.

When this happens, people will start to perceive the odor of Febreze instead of the initial offensive odor that permeates the room, thinking the odor is completely gone. However, what Febreze does is mask the odor and not eliminate them. The bacteria-causing odor is still very much present in the air and can even make you sick.

Hence, if you want to get rid of odor, use deodorant instead and not air fresheners. There are lots of deodorant options you can choose from, however, if you are skeptical about making the right choice, you can go for any of the Ozone spray or odor-removing gel canisters.

What does Febreze smell like

The original Febreze smells like a fresh laundry fabric softener. Although Febreze freshener for small spaces has a wide range of scents you can choose from. Check below for details.

If you buy the full product, you can choose from any of these scents

  • Linen and sky
  • Fresh cut pine
  • Original gain scent
  • Hawaiian Aloha
  • Heavy duty
  • Fresh twist cranberry

Why does Febreze smell bad?

Febreze traps odor molecules with a chemical compound called cyclodextrin: these compounds have a ring-like shape with a center that is highly hydrophobic. Hydrophobic substances attract other substances with similar properties, which means odor molecules with hydrophobic properties will be drawn to the center of the ring and become trapped.

How long does Febreze smell last

Now that we know Febreze is toxic to humans, we may want to know how long their smells last. Does febreze smell go away? The most straightforward answer to such wonders is that it all depends on the precautions and actions we take to ensure Febreze smells don’t touch our properties.

While it’s true that we have to take appropriate actions to make our props Febreze-free, Febreze’s smells have standard ranges that state how long they will last. In typical situations, Febreze smells last about 45 minutes in a room with a warm temperature.

Some Febreze products are plug-in products. These product types can last around two hours, which is longer than the non-plug-in Febreze products. If you forget to plug out the Febreze, the smells can even last for days.

Does Febreze stain clothes

No, Febreze wouldn’t stain your cloth. Febreze is a water-based product and contains no substance capable of staining your cloth nor strong enough to remove colors from water-proof fabrics. Febreeze cannot cause anything more than water spotting to your cloth, and this is most likely to occur on fine or delicate fabrics like rayon, silk, and polished cotton.

How to remove Febreze smell

Febreze is toxic, and it can last for a couple of days if you plug them in.

Like other household products that we shouldn’t inhale, the easiest way to remove the Febreze smell is to avoid them at all costs. Yet, first: It’s not always that easy. Second, there are ways to remove unwanted odors such as those coming from Febreze, even though you can’t avoid the smells.

We can smell Febreze in clothing products, our rooms and the furniture inside them, and the “welcome” steps for guests or the mats. Each of these properties is unique in that the ways to get rid of the Febreze smells can vary.

How to get rid of Febreze smell in clothing

First of all, we’ll show you the ways you can eliminate Febreze smells in your clothing. A combination of vinegar and water is one of the most well-known solutions to remove the fragrance smells that Febreze produces in your garments.

Alternatively, you can try citrus oil to replace vinegar. In this alternative solution, combine the citrus oil with baking soda to maximize the eliminating effects. Not only that your clothes will be Febreze-free, but the clothes’ colors will also be more vibrant.

How to get rid of Febreze smell from room

The walls are the areas in a room that are most vulnerable to Febreze smells. So, when you want to make sure your rooms are Febreze-free, pay attention to the walls first. In particular, you may want to examine if the walls have molded or not before getting rid of the smells.

Trisodium phosphate (TSP) is a chemical agent you should use if your walls have molded and leave Febreze odors. TSP can clean up the surfaces around your rooms even without rinsing. Since TSP can produce allergies for some people, make sure you refer to the instruction manuals before using them.

So, we provide you another alternative. That alternative is to mix a part of distilled vinegar with another one of 3% hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle. Then, spray the mixture on your walls, floors, and other room surfaces to remove the smells.

How to get rid of Febreze smell on furniture

Furniture can be present inside and outside the rooms. No matter where they are, they are still vulnerable to Febreze smells. Such a nature makes you want to know how to get rid of the Febreze smell on furniture.

Vodka is an effective substance you can use to get rid of Febreze smells on your furniture. Specifically, vodka works best for hard-surfaced furniture such as indoor tables or chairs. As an alternative, use the more environmentally friendly and classic combination of vinegar and water (or baking soda and water) for any outdoor furniture.

How to get rid of Febreze smell in carpet

Carpets have fibers that can absorb any smells, including the toxic Febreze smells. Fortunately, there are ways to remove the odors.

In general, you can use a mixture of baking soda and water to rub around your carpet. However, you may want to add one medium cup of borax to the cleaning solution. So it can enhance the capabilities to remove the odors.

After rubbing the mixture, let them be for around 30 minutes. Then, vacuum the carpets and make sure the carpets don’t get sucked in.

How to get Febreze smell out of couch

If you spray Febreze on your couch, its smell will linger for a while before it faces out, however, if you would like to get rid of the smell without having to wait, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Sprinkle baking soda liberally on the couch.
  2. Leave the baking soda on the couch for about an hour.
  3. Vacuum afterward.

How to remove Febreze smell from sofa

To rid your sofa of the febreze smell, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Squeeze 1 lemon and mix with three-quarter cups of warm water.
  2. Dip a sponge or towel into the solution (do not get it saturated) and wipe it on your sofa in a circular motion.

How to remove Febreze smell from car

To get rid of the febreze smell in your car, all you have to do is pour vinegar in a cup or bowl and put it in your car overnight. As the vinegar evaporates, the odor of the vinegar will override the Febreze smell.

So, there are many different ways to get rid of Febreze smell. As long as you execute according to the steps and alternatives we propose, you will be Febreze-free. Are you ready to apply our solutions?

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