How to clean spider webs from high ceilings

Keeping your home well-maintained and clean can ensure long-term comfort and create a germ-free and safe environment for you and your whole family.

However, things can get challenging if your home has high ceilings and other difficult to reach spots that are often overlooked, not prioritized, or simply ignored during general cleaning. For your home to always be clean and comfy, you need to know how to clean spider webs from high ceilings.

How to clean spider webs from high ceilings

What cleaner dissolves spider web

Cleaning products such as coconut oil and white vinegar can break down the spider web’s sticky fine strands and dissolve them completely.

Does vinegar get rid of spider webs

With only a few sprays, you can use vinegar to free yourself from the need of removing the spider webs from between bristles or cleaning the end of the vacuum attachment.

All you need here is one quart of white vinegar, ½ ounce of coconut oil, washcloth, and a spray bottle. This is a relatively easy to make solution where you only need to mix all the ingredients in one large spray bottle.

Does OxiClean remove spider webs

There is no sufficient information or data on whether or not you can use OxiClean to remove spider webs. But, if you are willing to experiment, you can try diluting some OxiClean in water and put it in a spray bottle to spray on those pesky spider webs clinging to your high ceilings.

Does water get rid of spider webs

Keeping the places around your home can clear away spiders and prevent them from creeping inside the house. It might be a bit trickier to clear spider webs from these spots. For these areas that you cannot clean with a broom, you can use a hose for the purpose.

A powerful water stream from the hose can do the trick in dealing with spider webs. The water burst can reach most parts of the home and is a great practice for regular home maintenance.

Does bleach get rid of spider webs

Yes, you can use bleach for getting rid of spider webs. Just mix equal parts water and bleach in spray bottle then shake it well.

Spray small amount on the spider webs. Wait for several minutes to check if the web will react to the solution. You can spray more solution to it if the web doesn’t dissolve. Wipe away residues and extra spray after dissolving the web.

Spider web cleaning tool

You surely don’t want the spider webs to get anywhere near you. If the webs are too far out of reach, you can use a spider web cleaning tool with long extension pole like a duster, vacuum cleaner, or broom to remove them.

If you will use a broom, you should brush broom bristles across the part with cobwebs to swipe them away. If you will use a vacuum cleaner for sucking up wispy webs, you can use its extender cleaning attachment.

How to clean cobwebs from high ceilings

Cleaning cobwebs can be very tricky. They are icky and unless you are dealing with empty webs, there is also that impending fear that you need to face an angry and agitated spider. But, the task will be two times more difficult if height is also involved. You will use the precision and grip to completely clean the cobwebs.

Even if it can be a bit challenging, it is not that hard if you are using the right equipment.

Here are the steps you can follow to clean cobwebs from high ceilings.

Total Time: 30 minutes

1. Put plastic sheets on the floors 

Prepare the surface of the room you will clean. This is mandatory because you surely don’t want baby spiders to end up crawling on your face at night. It is also especially if your floors are carpeted. Line your floor and furniture with big plastic sheets.

2. Use an extendable duster

An extendable duster can come in handy if a step ladder alone is not enough. Just extend the duster until you can reach areas covered with cobwebs.

3. Clean the duster

Make sure you also clean the brush after removing the spider webs from the ceiling. Remove the webs from the brush by hand and put them inside a plastic bag.

4. Spray some vinegar

If there is a spider infestation in your home, prepare a homemade solution of water and vinegar. Mix them well. Pour it in a spray bottle then spray this on areas where there are spiders. Doing so can help repel spiders and possibly kill off their eggs.

How to prevent spider webs in high ceilings

It is one thing to remove spider webs and the spiders themselves but preventing them from forming in the first place in the future is another story. Good thing there are some easy methods to ensure that spiders won’t come back to your home for good.

Does Febreze keep spiders away

Febreze is found to be effective when it comes to killing spiders due to its active ingredient known as hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin. It is an ingredient that can kill the spiders right upon contact. However, this might not really be the best repellent you can use.

HPβCD or Hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin is Febreze’s active ingredient that helps in effective odor removal. It is an important ingredient in Frebreze for removing odors but its active nature is the reason why it is highly effective when it comes to killing spiders and insects.

Despite this, this particular ingredient is proven safe for humans even though you need to be cautious with the amount of Febreze you will spray since this may cause eye irritation. Always seek your local pest control agent’s advice before using it.

Does Vicks keep spiders away

Yes, Vicks is a vapor rub that helps keep those spiders away.  It has a strong odor that can make the spiders release themselves from the webs and stay away from the scent. This is effective and easy to use as well.

Does peppermint keep spiders away

Spiders definitely hate peppermint since this can make them uncomfortable so they will do everything to stay away from it. This means that you can keep spiders away with the help of peppermint spray. This spray is very easy to make. Just prepare a spray bottle and add 4 to 6 drops peppermint oil to 16 ounces of water.

You can add some dish soap as well and shake the bottle properly to mix the solution well. Spray this solution at areas where spiders are probably living such as your doors and windows. This can keep those pesky spiders at bay.

Does lavender keep spiders away

Lavender, whether in essential oil or plant form, is a great natural spider repellent that you can use both indoors and outdoors. Having some potted lavender plants near your doorways, on porches, and indoors can keep the spiders away.

Does conkers keep spiders away

Putting some conkers on the window sills and other room corners can also help ward off spiders. However, since there are no scientific evidences to back it up, you might want to use this only as your last resort.

Does mint keep spiders away

Mint is an excellent natural pest repellent. Many bugs hate mint and spiders are one of them. You can put peppermint essential oil into water inside a spray bottle then spray this around the house. Doing so will not only keep spiders at bay because it will also make your home smell minty fresh.

Dried mint leaves can also be crushed and placed in small sachets in the kitchen cupboard.  Mint tea bags can also be used if there is no fresh mint available. Mint leaves can also be planted near the entryways to prevent bugs from getting inside your house.

Does tea tree oil keep spiders away

Just like lemon and lavender oil, tea tree oil can also work against spiders since this is also a type of essential oil. Spraying a generous amount of tea tree oil on surfaces where spiders walk on will help repel them since they hate the taste and smell of the oil.

Does cinnamon keep spiders away

Cinnamon is also an effective way for keeping spiders away. Spiders simply hate cinnamon smell so they keep a good distance away from it. It not only keeps away spiders but also dangerous and unwanted insects.

Does moth balls keep spiders away

Mothballs are usually used for killing moths but these are also very effective in keeping spiders away. However, one downside is that mothballs are not environmentally-friendly so you cannot openly put them in the bedroom with children or pets breathing in the air. Look for a safe spot to stay free of spiders for at least 6 months.

What smells do spiders hate the most

Spiders have a strong sense of smell they use for distinguishing between edible and non-edible items and to look for mates. Some of the smells that spiders hate the most include vinegar, mint, cayenne pepper, catnip, chestnut, marigold, and citrus.

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