How to clean silicone from countertop

Silicon or silicone caulk is one of the best adhesives that are widely used by professionals to connect and then seal the edges and two connecting parts of countertops so that they can remain in place for a long time. Silicone caulk is usually applied on the countertops where they are directly attached to the walls which means that they have high adhesion abilities and can form a really strong bond.

Although silicon can live for years, there will be a time when you need to replace it as it may start to lose its grip due to various external reasons. One of the issues is that silicone caulk cannot be removed or dissolved by using any products and you may wonder what can I use to clean silicone and how to clean silicone off the countertop You will get all your answers in this guide shortly.

How to clean silicone from countertop

What can remove silicone from countertops?

Silicon can be removed by using a wide range of products and you can buy them easily from the market. The fact is that some can be expensive if they are specially designed for such purposes while most of the products are extremely cheap and reachable.

Apart from this, some ingredients are used on an almost daily basis at home or kitchen and such products can also remove silicon from their countertops.

Such products include major names like vinegar, isopropyl alcohol, powerful spirits, and any other rubbing alcohol with strong chemical composition. The commercial products that can help you to clean silicone stains from countertops are spray lubricants, Lift Off Caulk Remover, Goo Gone, WD-40, and Silicone-Be-Gone.

What chemical can dissolve silicone?

Do keep this fact in mind that the chemical composition of silicon is extremely complex and has strong bonds. There is not a single commercial or homemade product that can completely dissolve silicon from the countertops.

All the above-mentioned products only can make the silicon soft to a great extent which allows professional and home residents to pull it apart from the wall and countertops.

Shopkeepers may tell you about some products which can get the silicon dissolved but such products should be avoided at all costs as they are only intended to be used in industries and are not considered good to be used inside homes.

Can I use Acetone to clean silicone?

Yes, Acetone can be used to clean silicone. Acetone is made up of Oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, and carbon molecules. When these compounds and silicone mix, their particles collide which causes the particles of silicone to break and spread further apart to form a solution. However, Acetone is not the best cleaner for silicone sealants, it is better to opt for Unibond silicone sealant remover instead or use home-based cleaners, like vinegar, alcohol, or WD 40.

Can you clean silicone with hydrogen peroxide?

Yes, you can clean silicone with hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a slow-acting bleach cleaner and will definitely help get rid of silicone stains on any surface. Just place the silicone-stained surface in a sink, pour hydrogen peroxide that is enough to cover and soak the stained spot, and leave for 24 hours.

Can you clean silicone with boiling water?

 Yes, you can clean silicone with boiling water. Putting your silicone-stained fabric in boiling water will not only help to get rid of possible stains but will also help you to sterilize it. When you boil water, every germ in that water will be killed; therefore, when you wash your silicone-stained fabric or clean any other silicone-stained surface with hot water, it will kill the germs and also make it completely stain-free.

Does WD 40 clean silicone?

Yes, WD 40 will clean silicone stains. WD 40 is one of the best ways to remove silicone stains from any surface. However, after use, make sure you thoroughly rinse the treated spot so that the WD 40 will not react to the new silicone caulk if you are planning to apply again.

Can I clean silicone from countertops with vinegar?

You can effectively clean silicone from countertops by using only vinegar. It may take some time to get wiped off completely but the result will be pretty awesome. Below is the step-by-step procedure for this DIY (Do It Yourself) project.

  1. The first step is to scrape off the silicone which is dispatched or not in place. You can use a scraper, screwdriver, pliers, or any other sharp tool. (don’t practice this step with a knife or such tools if you are not used to them.)
  2. Damp a scrub pad into the vinegar and then apply it directly on the silicon. If there is a lot of silicon caulk on countertops, dip a rag or cloth in vinegar and put it on the countertops. This will make the vinegar go into the pores of the silicone caulk and make it soft.
  3. Once it has been softened, use the cloth, tissue, sponge, or any other product and gently rub the area to remove stains, dirt, and debris.
  4. Once most of the stain has been removed, use a scrub pad and scrub the whole area again to take out each residue from the surface.
  5. You can repeat steps 2-4 until you get your desired results and all the stains or dirt have been taken out of the countertops.

Can I clean silicone from countertops with bleach?

Chlorine or hydrogen peroxide bleaches are widely used by home residents to remove tough stains from different surfaces and countertops along with silicon are one of them. Bleaches can also be used for cleaning silicon from the countertops by following the below-mentioned procedure:

  1. The easiest method is to place a lot of toilet or simple tissue along with the area where stains are present.
  2. Apply a good amount of bleach directly on the tissue and let them get completely attached to the silicon on the countertops. You can use a spoon or most preferably an old toothbrush to spread bleach on different areas.
  3. Let the bleach stay there for a minimum of one hour so that bleach can work on the stains and pull them out of the silicon pores.
  4. Now remove the tissue papers along with bleach paste. It will bring all the stains, dirt, and debris along with it.
  5. Rinse the area with water for once to remove remaining residues and make them look as efficient as they are new.

Can I clean silicone from countertops with alcohol?

Rubbing alcohols such as isopropyl also known as IPA is listed in the top positions when it comes to the most effective products to be used for silicon cleaning purposes from countertops. You can directly apply IPA on the required area and then wipe it off with a cloth. Rinse the area with warm water so that isopropyl alcohol doesn’t mix with food or be licked by pets. 

Can I clean silicone from countertops with Clorox wipes?

Clorox wipes are extremely helpful in such scenarios as they are easy to use and can take out silicone stains, dirt, molds, and debris in almost no time. You can simply take wipes out of the packet and gently rub them on the required area. Clorox bleach is another thing that can also be used. This may require you to wear a respirator as it can emit fumes but they are not too heavy or toxic.

  1. Start by washing the area with medium-hot water where Clorox wipes will be applied.
  2. Make a good solution of water and Clorox with a specific ratio. (1-gallon water will make a good solution with ¾ cup of Clorox.)
  3. Damp cloth or sponge in the solution and apply it directly on the stained or affected areas.
  4. Let the area stay as it is for about 5 to 10 minutes after applying Clorox.
  5. Again wash/rinse the area with hot water where Clorox was applied.
  6. Let the countertops air dry.

What is the best way to clean silicone chalk?

The best way to clean silicone caulk is by cleaning with water and vinegar solution.

How long does it take to remove silicone?

The truth is there is no fixed time for how long it will for silicone stains to be removed from the surface because it depends on certain factors like the type of cleaner used, the type of surface, and how long the stain has been on the surface. However, in general, it can take about 24 hours of soaking before silicone stains can be removed.

How do I remove silicone from countertops?

  1. You need to make the silicone soft so that it can be removed easily from the countertops.
  2. You can use chemicals, alcohol, or any other products that are mentioned above.
  3. Apart from products, you can use a hairdryer to blow hot air on the silicone. Continuous blowing for a few minutes will make it as soft as necessary.
  4. Once the silicone is softened, cut the silicone into small pieces of just 1 or 2 inches each.
  5. Now use screwdrivers, pliers, scrapers, or any other tool to take these small silicone pieces out of the countertops.
  6. Once these small pieces have been taken out, clean the area with vinegar to remove residues that are left behind.

How to remove silicone from quartz countertops?

No abrasive or extremely toxic chemicals should be used on quartz countertops as they can badly affect their color, shine, or whole texture. You can use acetone to remove silicone from quartz countertops but only if you don’t pour it onto the countertops.

  1. Pour a little amount of acetone on a cloth or sponge and scrub the silicon with a good force.
  2. Repeat this step by pouring acetone again after a few rounds of scrubbing until the silicone becomes soft.
  3. Remove it with a scraper or any other shape tool.

How to remove silicone from granite countertop?

Rubbing alcohol such as IPA ( 70% Isopropyl Alcohol ) is the best suitable choice for granite countertops. You can simply use IPA as you do for any other stain removing purpose. All you need is to directly pour IPA onto the silicone and let it sit for a few minutes. Then take the silicon out of the countertops after cutting it into small pieces. You can use any tool and if it is soft enough, just pull it out using your fingers.

How to clean silicone with baking soda

  1. Make a paste from the mixtures of 3 tbs. of baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar.
  2. Apply the paste on the silicone with a damp rag or towel and rub over the sealant.
  3. Leave the paste on the surface for about 5 minutes.
  4. Scrub the paste away using a stiff-bristled brush.
  5. Soak a clean sponge in cold water and use to rinse the treated spot.

Other silicone stains removal guides

How to clean silicone spray off the floor

Silicone spray is mostly used as an adhesive on both soft and hard surfaces. This adhesive is so strong that it cannot be removed by cleaning ordinarily with soap and water. The best way to get rid of the silicone spray on the floor is by applying a strong solvent. Check below for information on how to remove silicone spray from the flooring.

  1. Put on rubber gloves and pour 2 tbs of solvent cleaner on a doubled-over shop towel (best to apply on the corner of the towel).
  2. Press the towel on the stained spot and start to rub with little pressure in a circular motion.
  3. Leave the solvent to sit for close to an hour.
  4. Switch to the clean dry part of the towel, wipe on the surface in a circular motion with some pressure. Make sure to change spots on the towel once a part is damp.
  5. Wipe down the treated spot with another clean dry towel to dry the surface and inspect. If there’s any silicone stain on the surface repeat the process.

How to clean silicone on the caravan

The body and some other parts of a caravan are made of fiberglass, and it is necessary to treat stains on its surface appropriately to avoid marks or permanent damage on your mobile home. Check below for details on how to remove silicone from a caravan.

  1. Using a knife or scraper, scrape as much of the silicone stain as possible from the stained part. Careful not to scratch the body of the caravan.
  2. Apply silicone sealant remover as instructed on the label.

How to clean silicone on windows

Check below for information on how to remove silicone stains from your window.

  1. Scrape as much silicone stain as you can from the stained spot using a utility knife.
  2. Soak the spot with water and scrub with a nylon dish scrubber as gently as possible to scrape away more lifted silicone stains.
  3. Apply silicone remover as per instruction and scrape off any silicone stain leftovers with a putty knife.
  4. Wash down the treated spot with warm water and liquid detergent solution and dry afterward.

How to clean silicone sealant in shower

Check below for information on how to remove silicone sealant from your shower.

  1. Clear every items or accessory that may obstruct you during cleaning and clean the shower tiles with a bathroom tile cleaner.
  2. Cut one side of the silicone caulk seam with a razor or a utility knife.
  3. Peel the caulk up but must not be anywhere close to the tile. This will ensure that the silicone that is filling the joint is completely removed.
  4. Remove any silicone leftovers with a putty knife.
  5. Soak a sponge in Acetone and wipe the shower tiles with it. You can also make use of rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits.


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