How to clean mattress pee

Having a pet at the house can be troublesome. You would have to deal with pet hair and pee stains. These issues can be especially hard to deal with if the affected thing is your mattress.

First of all, if you have any pets at your house and permit them to sleep on your bed, ensure you use mattress covers. They can help repel moisture, so you can simply wipe the excess moisture away. This will stop the bed from absorbing the pet pee.

How to clean mattress pee

There are also bed lines that can stop the accumulation of pet hair. Silk can be the best choice in how to clean mattress pee. Hair can be simply removed as they do not stick on the surface of the bed linens.

If you are dealing with these issues already, you should try the following cleaning tips for how to clean mattress pee:

  1. Remove the bed covers and wash them using your washing appliance. Apply a detergent with disinfecting features. This will help remove bacteria and germs in the sheets.
  2. Use an absorbent tissue to eliminate as much excess pee as you can. If it has already dried up, soak a little town in hot water. Wring out the excess and apply it on the affected place of the bed.
  3. Get an unfilled spray bottle. Mix 1 cup white vinegar and 1 cup of hot water. Pour the combination in the spray bottle. Spray this on the pee-stained places of the bed. This will help disinfect the mattress in how to clean the mattress pee method. It will also eliminate the stains. Leave it there until you are pleased that the stains are fully gone.
  4. Use baking soda power all over the mattress. This will help remove of pee smell. Get a soft-bristled brush and use it to brush the area of the mattress. It will also help make your mattress look whiter.
  5. Get a high standard vacuum cleaner and vacuum the mattress. Those vacuum equipment with HEPA or top efficiency particulate air filters works excellently in removing pet hair and dirt particles. Carefully vacuum all sides of the bed until you are relaxed that there are no lingering pet hairs on your mattress.
  6. After, clean the mattress let it dry fully. Do not use it if it is still damp. Do not use it if it is still damp. You can try locating the bed in a sunny and dry place.
  7. Place your mattress back to your bedroom and also use new bed covers. This is also the top time to place a mattress cover if you have already bought one.

Cost of hiring a professional. The price of cleaning a little mattress, bunk bed, or cot is generally $60. Single to twin mattresses generally have a price variety of $70 – $80. A big-size mattress costs approximately $90 and a king-size bed at $110. We are talking about complete mattress cleaning here. If you need just to have the peak or the corners cleaned, you are looking in on paying more than $35.

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