How to clean aircon

Your air conditioning unit is a huge part of what makes your house an oasis of  relaxation and rest. Over time, you might see your unit working harder to get the same level of cooling as it once did. Similarly, if you have ventilating, heating and AC system, the heating may become less efficient over time.

How to clean aircon is a critical part of maintenance, which will keep your system fit for longer. It will reduce your power bill and maintenance costs also. With some time, precision and patience, you can dirt free your air conditioner for an excellent performance.

How to clean aircon

Cleaning the outside unit and its condenser coils make sure more labor than dealing with the interior area of the unit. Because it is continually exposed to the elements, this part of your system gets very dirty very quickly. You will also need a more specialized tool to get it clean. Follow these steps to keep your outside unit working at its best.

How to clean aircon is a critical part of maintenance

1. Disconnect and remove AC grille

Once again, ensure the power is off. You can shut off your power at the outdoor disconnect box getting begun. Take out the sheet metal screw-on unit top. Once you have removed them, lift the grille and fan unit.

2. Remove debris in air conditioner

Depending on your AC, there will be varying amounts of debris in the base of the air conditioner. Starting models do not generally have protectors in place that prevent debris from coming through the top of the fan unit,  so you may have seeds, leaves, or even little twigs in the base pan.

3. Clean the AC fins and coils

How to clean aircon coils is easy. You will want a coil cleaning product accessible at any home improvement shop. Note that cleaner for condenser coils is very caustic and can cause burns. The fumes are also risky, which is why you should not use this cleaner on your inside coils.

Mix up your cleaning product according to the ways, and include it to your sprayer tool. Use it onto the coils. It will generate foam in a few minutes, and you can clean it off with your hose.

4. Straighten the fins of AC

Bent fins decrease air direction, so this step is crucial in maintaining competence. The top way to go about this is to buy a fin tool. These affordable kits have teeth that permit you to comb a certain number of fins per inch. Ensure you are using the best number of fins per inch for your unit. All you have to perform is perfectly perfect the fins back into the location.

5. Clean in the region of the ac unit

Change the fan area and fix it to the AC with the screw. Ensure the place around the unit is fully clear for at least two feet in every way, ensuring the best airflow.

6. Level the air conditioning unit

Dirt may fix underneath your unit and cause it to begin tipping. If a condenser unit is out of level for too long, it may fail early and lead to expensive repairs.

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