Does oxybenzone stain clothes?

With the rapidly changing climate, the heat coming from the sun is increasing in almost all regions of the world. While playing or having any other activity in an outdoor environment, using sunscreen has not only become important but widely recommended by experts as well.

Sunscreen is completely safe for skin to use as it does not include any harmful ingredients however there are ingredients like oxybenzone that trigger the risk of getting stains on your clothes.

Does oxybenzone stain clothes

While applying sunscreen, there is no denying that it will come in contact with the clothes in one way or another. This is the part where people start asking questions like, does oxybenzone stain clothes? Does oxybenzone damage clothes? Or How to get rid of oxybenzone stains from clothes? Well, just continue reading this article as it will provide you with all that you need.

Will oxybenzone stain clothes?

Yes. Oxybenzone is a UV filter that is widely included in sunscreens and various other skincare products.

Oxybenzone is widely compared with avobenzone which we all know has a great capability of causing stains on the clothes especially if the clothes come in contact with hard water.

Oxybenzone almost has some characteristics like avobenzone which means that it leaves light yellow or orange stains on your clothes.

Can oxybenzone damage clothes?

Oxybenzone causes stains and there is no denial of this factor but there are also some other ways in which it can damage or ruin your clothes.

If we talk specifically about oxybenzone, it will cause slight yellow or orange stains but these stains can easily be removed using a suitable product and procedure.

But when it comes to oxybenzone sunscreen, it can cause other damage as it contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which both are capable of causing white and faded yellow stains on clothes.

Does oxybenzone come out of clothes?

Yes, oxybenzone does come out of the clothes. As soon as you get stains on your clothes, you may think that this stain looks impossible to get removed from clothes but the reality is quite different.

It is an utter reality that oxybenzone stains are quite tough but there are some specific products and procedures that can help you get the stains out of clothes efficiently.

Make sure you start taking the stains removal steps as soon as you get it because wasting time or letting the cloth stay with the stain on will only make things worse.

Why are oxybenzone sunscreen stains tough?

Oxybenzone leaves a yellowish stain but it has a texture almost like oil. Apart from this, it is also considered a partially rusty component which can sometimes cause brownish stains as well.

Such stains are usually difficult to remove from clothes or any other surface.

This is the rule that the sunscreen instruction book recommends rubbing the sunscreen fluid on the skin until it gets completely absorbed before you move on to wear your clothes.

How do you keep oxybenzone sunscreen from staining clothes?

Many preventatives can be implemented to keep oxybenzone sunscreen from causing stains on your clothes.

You may get stains even if you take necessary precautions but it is better to try your best so that you don’t end up in a mess where you have to get rid of the tough stains from your favorite clothes.

  • As soon as you get a stain, rinse a lot of cold water through the garment as it will not let the residues settle in. Try to get a tap with an extreme level of water pressure.
  • It is better to keep oxybenzone and related products away from cotton as it is more prone to such kinds of stains.
  • If you still get stains on your clothes, it is better to buy products that don’t have oxybenzone and avobenzone as an ingredient.

The last prevention method may take time but you will be able to find a sunscreen that doesn’t include such ingredients and works best for your skin as well.

How to remove oxybenzone stains from clothes?

  1. Firstly, remove the excess amount of oxybenzone.
  2. Pour some liquid washing detergent and scrub the area thoroughly.
  3. Make sure you don’t scrub too hard so that it may damage the clothes.
  4. Apply some white vinegar, lemon juice, or salt to the stained area.
  5. Rub the stain gently for a few minutes.
  6. Soak the clothes in vinegar water solution if the stain is behaving tough.
  7. Wash the clothes one last time with simple water to wipe off each last stain residue.
  8. Let the clothes air-dry indoors.

How to remove oxybenzone stains from seats and couches?

  1. Start by sprinkling some baking soda on the stain. It will absorb most of the oxybenzone from the seat and couch’s fabrics.
  2. Now make a solution of liquid dishwashing soap, white vinegar, and warm water.
  3. Put this solution into a spray bottle and sprinkle it all over the stains.
  4. Rub the stain along with the solution gently for a few minutes.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you get your desired results.
  6. Wash the area with liquid detergent one last time.
  7. Absorb liquid with paper towels and let the piece air-dry.

What kind of sunscreen will not stain clothes?

Sunscreen which does not include oxybenzone, avobenzone, zinc oxide, and related ingredients are considered safe as they will not cause stains on your clothes or any other material. Some of the best sunscreen options that are completely oxybenzone free include the following:

  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen
  • Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Lotion Sunscreen
  • Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen
  • Thinksport SPF 50+ Sunscreen
  • Badger Baby SPF 30 Sunscreen

Oxybenzone stain FAQs

Does oxybenzone stain furniture?

Yes. Oxybenzone can stain furniture but the probability is low. Oxybenzone has the capability of causing tough stains but getting such stains on furniture is quite rare. However, if you get a yellowish or orange spot on your seat or any other furniture, you can remove it with any stain removing procedure but make sure you don’t use a product that can affect the texture of the furniture.

Does oxybenzone stain carpets?

Yes. Although there are low chances of getting oxybenzone on the carpet, spills can happen at any time and this can easily result in yellowish stains. As carpet fabrics are quite hard and rough, oxybenzone requires time to cause the stains which means that taking immediate actions may prevent stains from happening thus saving you from extra hassle.

Is oxybenzone stain permanent?

Yes. Oxybenzone stains can get permanent but not on an immediate basis. You can easily remove stains even if it has been on cloth for a long time. However, there will come a time when the stains will become completely impossible to be removed. This factor also depends on the type of fabric and other ingredients combined with oxybenzone such as avobenzone.

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