Does overtone stain

If you love changing the color of your hair at home, you surely know that most pigmented and effective products also tend to create marks in different parts of your home if you aren’t too careful.

After all, when the color doesn’t cause stains, it means that its pigment might not be enough. One of the common hair coloring products today is oVertone. So, does oVertone stain?

Does overtone stain

What is oVertone made of

oVertone formulas have been based on nourishing powers of different plant-based oils such as linseed oil, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, and coconut oil, just to mention a few. There is also avocado oil that can moisturize, strengthen, and repair hair as it seals cuticle cells to fight any breakage in the future.

Does oVertone wash out

oVertone conditioners, just so you know, are not actually dyes but are more of pigmented conditioners. Hair dyes tend to contain chemicals made specifically to break open and dry hair cuticle for depositing color. None of these chemicals are present in oVertone conditioners. 

Since it is an all semi-permanent pigmented conditioner, oVertone deposits semi-permanent color on your hair that will fade once you stop its use. However, it is likely that the color won’t completely wash out with just shampoo alone.

If you are wondering if oVertone washes out, you need to know the difference between their Daily Conditioner and Coloring Conditioner. It is all about how these two are working together. You can expect to get the strongest punch out of Coloring Conditioners because they offer the richest and most hydrating conditioner formula. Coloring Conditioners also contain higher amounts of pigment to achieve brighter results.

These are the two reasons why it is recommended to use the Coloring Conditioner just once per week as a form of color retouch and hydration or if this is the first time you are coloring your hair.

On the other hand, the Daily Conditioners of oVertone are recommended to be used on a more frequent basis. These products still contain the classic ingredients for healthy hair and the much-coveted gorgeous color but this time, its formula doesn’t weigh the hair down. Daily Conditioner can be used any time you wash your hair. Doing so ensures that your hair color stays fresh and bright every single day.

How long oVertone conditioners last will be all up to you. oVertone conditioners are not meant to be one-time application like dyes so the secret here is maintenance. Although you can use Coloring Conditioners and Daily Conditioners to color your hair, these are designed to be gradual replacements for the lost pigments whenever you wash your hair. 

This allows your hair color to be perfect daily whether you visited the salon a week ago, a few months ago, or even if you don’t go there in the first place. You could apply it once and simply enjoy its natural color fading out over several weeks based on your specific lifestyle. You can also apply it on a regular basis with the use of oVertone’s Healthy Color Due for you color to be fresh and bright.

After you have achieved that hair color you love, it only makes sense that you want it to stay this way for the longest time possible. Below are some helpful tips to make your oVertone last:

  • The color won’t necessarily fade over time with shampooing alone. The color will fade and wash out faster if you wash your hair more often.
  • Make sure you use high quality sulfate-free shampoo that tends to fade away color.
  • Rinse your hair with cooler water.

Does oVertone stain clothes

Unfortunately, oVertone may stain your clothes. The good news is that you can prevent it from happening. Use a dark towel and ensure that your hair doesn’t touch your clothes until it is dry. Once your hair turns dry, it won’t bleed on your clothes or pillows.

Does oVertone stain pillows

Some pigmented shades may cause temporary stains after application. Some thorough hand washes may help remove it. Again, dry your hair first before you sleep on your pillows to prevent staining.

Will oVertone stain my tub

oVertone may stain your tub, bathroom counters, and other parts of your bathroom. However, whether oVertone is going to stain your tub surface will depend on the porosity of the material and how often you wiped it down. It will also depend on the specific color you choose to use.

There are Extreme conditions with more pigments than the Pastel or Vibrant lines so there is lesser chance that the Pastel or Vibrant conditioners will cause permanent staining. To stay safe, you might want to test it first in an inconspicuous part of your tub.

What can remove oVertone stains

Some users were able to remove oVertone stains with a use of all-purpose cleaners that contain either peroxide or bleach. Follow the packaging instructions and most of the time, it will be able to deal with the stain. You could also research about the stained material and what it is made of to know how to remove the stains. Every material will have a different method for removing stains without causing damages on the surface.

How to remove oVertone stains

oVertone stains on the skin often go away fast with the use of gentle exfoliating scrub. Aside from wearing gloves and removing any stray conditioner immediately, here are a few tips on how to remove overTone stains.

  1. Wring out excess water from your hair so that the conditioner doesn’t go to places where it is not wanted.
  2. Section the hair to 4 to 6 areas. Apply the conditioner separately to each area to minimize the amount of rubbing you need to do for getting the conditioner down to the roots.
  3. Make sure you rinse your hands between applications to each minimize to lessen the amount of time the conditioner stays in your hands.
  4. Put your hair up with a clip after you applied oVertone so that the conditioner doesn’t sit against your neck for a long time.
  5. After your hair is completely saturated and you clipped it up, clean your neck and hair line with wet wash cloth.
Does overtone stain

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