Does micellar water stain clothes

Micellar is a face cleanser, which means technically it is used for cleaning all sorts of impurities, dirt, or make-up from the face. Although at first, when you look at Micellar water you would think it is water, however, it contains certain ingredients that make it completely different from the real water.

Even though it is a cleanser with a clear surface, does Micellar stain clothes? Is the stain permanent? Does it cause any permanent damage to clothes? These and some other related questions will be diligently treated in this article, read on!

Does micellar water stain clothes

What is micellar water?

Micellar water is a face cleanser that is made from micelles — tiny cleaning molecules that are suspended in water. The micelles found in micellar water contain hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties, which makes it possible for the solution to trap and remove any dirt or impurities from the face in just a few swipes with a cotton pad soaked with the solution.

What are the ingredients in micellar water?

Micellar water contains ingredients such as Aqua, PEG-6 Caprylic, Hexylene Glycol, Panthenol, Glycerin, Niacinamide, Capric Glyceride, Butylene Glycol, Pantolactone, Chamomilla Recutita flower extract, Citric acid, Potassium chloride, Sodium chloride, Sodium ascorbyl phosphate, Cetrimonium chloride, Iodopropynyl butycalbamate e.t.c. Each of these ingredients works as soothing, skin-identical, skin brightening, Anti-oxidant, Anti-acne, or cell-communicating ingredients.

Does Micellar water have oil?

No, micellar water does not contain oil. By nature, Micellar water is soapy and does not have any oily content. And because of this, it can lift off water-soluble discolorations and oil from the surface of the skin.

Does Micellar water have alcohol?

No, Micellar does not contain alcohol. Micellar is a gentle cleanser, all thanks to its alcohol-free properties. Therefore, because it contains no alcohol, it can be used on all types of skins, even the highly sensitive ones without any side effects. Unlike some other alcohol-based cleansers that need to be washed off after application, you do not need to rinse off micellar water since water is used in its composition rather than water.

Does micellar water have salicylic acid?

Yes, micellar water contains salicylic acid. Micellar water doesn’t just cleanse the face, they are also very effective at combatting acne; this is because of the salicylic acid in its composition.

Will micellar water stain clothes?

Yes, Micellar water will stain clothes. Apart from using micellar as a face cleanser, most people also use micellar water to remove stains from their clothes. What these people don’t know is that micellar water will leave residue after use, and could cause more stains.

Does micellar water bleach clothes?

No, Micellar water does not bleach clothes. Although micellar water contains certain ingredients powerful enough to dissolve and absorb stains from clothes and skins, these ingredients are less likely to cause your cloth to bleach.

Does Micellar water come out of clothes?

Yes, micellar water comes out of clothes. The stains left behind by micellar water after use are usually not permanent and can be readily removed by most home-based or over-the-counter cleaners. However, make sure to test any cleaner of your choice on your clothing fabric before application.

What can remove micellar water stains from clothes?

Like I said earlier, you can use any of your home-based or over-the-counter cleaner to remove Micellar water stains from clothes. Some of the home-based cleaners you can use include; vinegar, baking soda, rubbing alcohol, dishwashing soap, hydrogen peroxide, and many more. Some over-the-counter cleaners you can use include; Barkeepers friend, Lysol, Dawn, Tide, Mrclean, or any multipurpose cleaner.


Make sure to test any of the suggested cleaners on an inconspicuous part of your cloth before use. Some of them are likely to bleach your cloth.

How to get Micellar water out of clothes

A micellar water stain is not permanent and is very easy to remove. With the methods below, you can easily get rid of all micellar stains or residues from your clothes.

Cleaning with vinegar and water

  1. Make a solution from the mixtures of equal parts of water and vinegar and pour in a spray bottle.
  2. Spray liberally on the stained spot.
  3. Leave it to sit for a few minutes and do your laundry the normal way with soap and water.

Cleaning with peroxide and dishwashing soap

  1. Make a solution from the mixtures of dishwashing soap and hydrogen peroxide in the proportion of 1 part to 2 in a bowl and pour in a spray bottle.
  2. Spray enough solution on the stained spot to get it saturated.
  3. Rub in the solution with a rag or towel.
  4. Leave it to sit for some minutes.
  5. Rinse afterward.
  6. Check if the stain is completely gone before drying. If stain persists (not likely to happen) repeat the process as many times as possible until the stain is removed.

Can Micellar water remove stains?

Yes, micellar water can be used to remove stains. Micellar water is not only good at removing makeup or dirt from the face, it can also be used to remove stains from clothes. However, you should know that micellar water is originally meant to clear the face off any impurities and not for removing stains from clothes. Hence, you should only use it when it comes in handy and you seem to have no other option.

How to remove stains from cloth using micellar water

Although micellar is a mild cleanser, it can be used to dissolve and absorb stains especially oily make-up marks from clothes. Check below for details on how it can be used.

  1. Saturate a cotton pad with micellar water.
  2. Blot the cotton pad on the stained spot.
  3. As the stains are being lifted, lightly wipe them off the surface so you don’t end up causing further stains.
  4. Rinse the cloth and wash the normal way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Micellar water stain walls?

Yes, Micellar will stain walls. Don’t get yourself deceived by the clear look of micellar water. Although you already know that it can stain your cloth. Just as it can stain your clothes, it will also stain your wall or any other surfaces you don’t know how it can be properly utilized to get rid of stains.

Does Micellar water stain the carpet?

Yes, Micellar water will stain the carpet. Most people are only familiar with the side effects of applying Micellar water on the skin, not knowing that it also has side effects when used as a cleaner. Unless you know how to properly apply Micellar as cleaning, you will always have stain or Micellar residue on that surface whether it be clothes, walls, or carpet.

Can you have an allergic reaction to Micellar water?

Yes, your body may react to Micellar water. It is a common practice among Micellar water users to leave the cleanser on after applying it to their faces, however, they are not aware that leaving Micellar water on for a long time can cause dry skin patches, and sensitivity on the eye, neck, and faces. You might be thinking this only affects people with sensitive skins only, well you are wrong because this reaction can occur on any type of skin.

What does Micellar do to your skin?

Micellar water may be your go-to skincare product, but before I go into details about this section, I would like to ask you one question, how well do you know your product? Not so well! You might be wondering how I’ve come to reach that conclusion. Well, it’s an easy guess for me since I have had a series of altercations with different Micellar water users in the past. Their answers are always the same! Anyways, without further delay, I will be providing details on how Micellar water can affect your skin (both positively and negatively) in this section. Keep reading.

Positive effects of Micellar on the skin

  • Facilitates skin hydration

Most micellar water contains hydrating compounds such as glycerin which is believed to help the skin in retaining moisture. When a product rich in glycerin is used as a topical product, study shows that it can fasten the healing process of wounds, improve hydration, and protects against irritation. Also, because the product contains a surfactant, it can equally be used to cure dry skin.

  • Eliminate dirt and oil

All most people know about Micellar water is that it is a facial cleanser that is used for removing makeup, oil, and dirt from the skin, without any knowledge about the constituents that makes it possible.

Micellar water contains Micelles which are the compounds responsible for the removal of dirt and oil from the skin to keep it clean. These compounds also help to increase the permeability of the skin, open up the pores and make it easier for the cleanser to penetrate the layers of the skin.

  • Safe for all types of skin

It doesn’t matter what type of skin you have, whether it be normal, oily, or dry skin, you can apply Micellar water safely without any implication. As a result of this, Micellar water is one of the most suggested skincare products for people with sensitive skins. This is because Micellar does not contain ingredients like alcohol or soap that can irritate people suffering from Rosacea a skin condition that affects fairly skinned middle-aged women.

  • Keeps skin clear

If you are suffering from acne, stubborn blemishes, or blocked pores, another thing Micellar water can do to your skin is to help you clear them. Although there’s no specific study stating Micellar water as a cure for acne or clearing pores, there is research on the effectiveness of mild facial wash at improving acne and reducing blackheads. Micellar water is a gentle cleanser!

The negative effect of Micellar water on the skin

It is very common to see Micellar water advertised as a multi-purpose product, and what you just read has justified that. However, not everyone is aware of the side effects of using Micellar water. Perhaps because its negative effect is minimal? Well, you will learn about the minimal effects here.

Micellar water contains surfactants that when left on the skin for a long time could cause breakouts, or lessen the effectiveness of moisturizers on the skin.

Can Micellar water be used on hair?

Yes, you can apply Micellar water to the hair. One of the best ways to keep your hair healthy is by applying Micellar water often. In fact, you can use Micellar water in place of a shampoo, only that your hair might not be as soft or look shiny as it would have if you were to use a shampoo.

Micellar water can be used to purify hair scalp without stripping your hair of its natural oil. Also, it can help to counterbalance the heavy metals and minerals contained in tap water. Lastly, Micellar water can also help you deep clean your skin which will encourage your hair to grow faster.

Why does Micellar water bubble?

Micellar water, even though they don’t contain soap works like mild soapy water. However, they contain a surfactant which makes the product bubble anytime you shake it up.

Does Micellar water remove sunscreen?

Yes, Micellar water can remove sunscreen. Although Micellar water is neither a sudsy cleanser, creamy facial wash nor a toner, it can be used to remove makeup, and sunscreen and keep the skin fresh without having to rinse it off.

Will Micellar water remove eyelash extension?

Yes, Micellar water can be used to remove eyelash extension. Micellar water has similar effects on both eyelash extension and makeup and here’s how it works to remove both. The Micelles found in Micellar water are attracted to the natural oil and some other substances on the face, which is why it is very easy for them to pull out these substances. They pull out makeup and extensions just the way they pull out natural oils from the skin

Can Micellar water be used to remove eye makeup?

Yes, you can use Micellar to remove eye makeup. Originally, Micellar is a face cleanser, so ideally, it is much easier to be used as a makeup remover than to be put to other uses. Micellar is a very effective makeup remover.

Can Micellar water be used to double cleanse?

Yes, Micellar water can be used to double cleanse. Micellar water is a cleanser that does not require to be rinsed after use. This cleanser works like a magnet to remove makeup and dirt from the skin. Micellar can be used with other milky or foamy cleansers. However, just make sure to apply Micellar water first.

Can I use Micellar water with Glycolic acid?

Yes, you can use Glycolic acid with Micellar water.

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