Does mascara stain clothes

Almost all girls in this world have tried mascara at least once while millions of women include it in their routine makeup. It has been making women’s eyes look alluring and lush for a long time now and there is nothing that can replace it, at least until now.

It got inducted into the makeup industry in the early 19th century and where it brought a new touch to complete makeover, it brought a risk as well which could be named as mascara stain. People usually ask, does mascara stain clothes?

Does mascara stain clothes

Well, we will surely cover all these aspects in this article along with the methods that can efficiently help you in case you get stains on your clothes.

What is the main ingredient in mascara

There are various kinds of mascara in terms of women’s interests, likes, skin behavior, and quality as well. Almost all mascara types have some ingredients in common and they are known to be the basic formula of mascara. The main ingredients include:

  • Carbon black pigments (to darken lashes).
  • Iron oxide pigments (to darken lashes).
  • Candelilla wax.
  • Carnauba wax.
  • Castor oil.
  • Paraffin.
  • Petroleum
  • Mineral oil.
  • Lanolin (thickening waxes and oils).
  • Preservatives.
  • Polymer (it creates a film or protective layers that form lashes).

Some additional or supplementary ingredients that are included only in a few kinds of mascara include:

  • Rayon fibers.
  • Nylon fibers.
  • Chemical stiffeners.
  • Guanine (crate using fish scales).
  • Parabens
  • PFAS (for waterproofing).
  • Formaldehyde.
  • Mercury.

Will mascara stain clothes

By looking at the ingredients used in the composition of the mascara, one can easily get an idea that mascara can cause stains in clothes. Oils, waxes, dark pigments, and many other chemicals can cause stains even if they are in separate forms.

Mascara can cause some severe stains to the clothes and then removing them can become a mess if you don’t start the stain removal process as soon as you get mascara on your clothes or more especially if you don’t know the right way to do so.

The pigments usually cause stains while darkening the clothes fabrics but their combination with oil makes the stain a bit tougher and difficult to remove. One thing is for sure, you should get rid of the stain as soon as possible because the longer you take, the messier it will become.

Does waterproof mascara stain clothes

Waterproof mascara does stain clothes and removing such stains are considered even more difficult as compared to simple or regular mascara. To get rid of waterproof mascara stains from clothes, you will be required to bring products into action that can effectively dissolve such material from clothes without affecting the fibers.

Does mascara stain shirts

Cotton is the type of fabric that is often used in the manufacturing of shirts and it has been proved with examples that such kinds of fabrics are even more prone to stains like mascara. Linen is also placed at the top of the list after fine and gabardine cotton.

Apart from this, other fabrics used in shirt manufacturing can get affected by the oils, waxes, and black pigments. We can say that some colors of clothes may not or minorly get affected by mascara stains but the fact is that even the dark shade clothes will get stains because of oils and waxes. 

Do mascara stains come out

Are mascara stain permanent? You don’t have to worry if you get mascara on your clothes because there is a wide range of methods that can help you get the stain out of the clothes.

Mascara stains are no different than any other oil or black powder stains but as there is wax in its composition, never apply heat or put it directly under the sun because doing so can make the stain permanent and completely unable to get removed.

Apart from the heat factors, the stains removal process should be started immediately as letting mascara sit on the clothes will also make the stains worse or maybe ruin your whole dress.

What takes mascara stains out of clothes

Honestly, it depends on various factors such as the type of mascara, fabric, color, and the intensity of the stains. You can get an idea by the fact that waterproof mascara will require some additional products that can dissolve mascara so that it can be taken out of the clothes.

If we talk about the ingredients, products, and homemade remedies that are generally used to take mascara stains out of the clothes, the lits will go on including names like:

  • Regular laundry detergent (preferably in liquid form).
  • Mild oxygen bleaching agent.
  • Liquid dishwashing soap.
  • Ammonia-based agents.
  • Rubbing alcohol (IPA).
  • White vinegar.
  • Hairspray (in a few scenarios).

You can also go with some regular commercial stains removing products such as OxiClean, Clorox 2, or Purex 2 but going on with self-made remedies for mild chemicals is the best option as they will cause little to no damage to your clothes.

How to get waterproof mascara out of clothes

  1. You need to start with a wipe that is used to remove waterproof makeup from the skin. This wipe will help in dissolving the waterproof mascara and make it easy to remove the stain.
  2. Place a paper towel on a flat table or surface and then put the stained cloth on it while the stain is facing down towards the paper towel.
  3. Now apply the makeup removal wipe from the backside of the stain as it will push the mascara out of the cloth, into the paper towel.
  4. Once all the mascara has come out from the cloth, treat the stain with a liquid laundry detergent, white vinegar, or rubbing alcohol.
  5. Simply pour or spray the product on the cloth and gently rub the area.
  6. At the end, when the stain is gone completely, wash the cloth properly as you normally do and let it air dry.

How to get mascara out of clothes without washing

  1. Make a mixture of liquid dishwashing detergent and lukewarm water.
  2. Pour a few drops of solution on the stain and let it sit there for a few minutes.
  3. Blot the liquid using a clean cloth or paper towels.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you get the desired results and the stain has been gone completely.
  5. Now run a good amount of cold water or simply sponge the area to remove detergent water solution from the garment.
  6. Air-dry the cloth in the end.

How to get mascara off a white shirt fast

  1. Firstly, scrape off all the excess mascara material from the cloth using a dull scrapper, by pushing stains from the opposite side, or simply with your nails.
  2. Nothing works faster than white vinegar and rubbing alcohol in terms of removing stains from clothes. Apply the product directly or along with water and gently rub the area.
  3. Repeat the process until the stain is taken out of the garment completely.
  4. Run cold water through the satin each time you complete a loop of treating satin with the solution.
  5. You don’t usually need to wash the cloth after such a procedure so just let the cloth sit indoors and air dry.

How to get Mascara stains out of the towel

Mascara stains are one of the most difficult stains to deal with because they contain ingredients like waxes, oil, and dyes well known for causing most of these stubborn stains.

Getting rid of these stains, especially from a make-up remover towel may be challenging. However, with the method below, you can easily remove Mascara stains from your towel and keep reading for details.

  1. Get the stained spot soaked with cold water
  2. Rub a liquid soap (preferably dishwasher) on the mascara stain.
  3. Wet the other part of the stained spot with water.
  4. Check for stain remnants on the towel and treat immediately with pretreatment and wash the towel the normal way.
  5. If after washing, you are not satisfied, repeat steps 2 to 5 as may be required.

Note: Do not ever allow the mascara stains to set in, start to treat the stains as soon as possible. The more you leave mascara stains untreated, the longer it will take to come out of the towel. Also, it is recommended to always use dark-colored towels instead of light-colored ones. It is usually harder to remove mascara stains from light-colored towels.

How to remove Mascara stain from a pillowcase

Sometimes, the day’s outing may be so stressful that you could forget to wash off your makeup before going to bed. That’s quite understandable!

In most cases like this, the pillowcase is usually at the receiving end of most of the makeup stains. If you find yourself in this situation, respond to the stain immediately with the Mascara stain remover guide that will be discussed below.

  1. Scrape As many of the mascara stains as possible off the pillowcase using a spoon.
  2. Make a mixtures of water and liquid dishwashing soap.
  3. Dip a microfiber cloth in the solution and blot gently on the stain until the stain is fully gone. While doing this, wet the cloth as required.
  4. Rinse the treated spot afterward with water.
  5. Wash the pillowcase the normal way and air dry. Do not dry in a dryer, the heat will set the stain.

How to get Mascara out of the couch

I’ve been thinking of various ways Mascara stains can appear on the couch until I realized that these kids play with everything! If you have a Mascara stain on your couch, the step below will guide you through the removal process. Continue reading for details.

  1. You need to make a solution that contains the mixtures of a quarter cup of dish liquid and a cup of water.
  2. Dip a clean white cloth in this solution and sponge on the stain.
  3. Blot the stain until the liquid is fully absorbed.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as necessary until the stain is gone.
  5. Sponge the treated spot with cold water.
  6. Blot dry.

How can I get Mascara stains out of carpet

It is not uncommon to see Mascara stains on carpets because it could spill during application. At first, when Mascara spills on a carpet, most people will just overlook it thinking it’s not a great deal. Well, unknown to them, Mascara can leave their carpet with a permanent dent.

Don’t belong to the same group as this set of people. Once you notice that you have a Mascara stain on your carpet, treat it immediately with the simple guide provided below.

  1. You need to make a solution containing the mixtures of a quarter teaspoon of dish soapand a cup of warm water.
  2. Dip a sponge in the solution and rub on the stain.
  3. Dip a towel in a bowl of water and blot on the treated spot to rinse off stain and solution remnants.
  4. Check for stains. If fully gone, blot dry with a dry towel and leave to air dry completely. If the stain persists, proceed with subsequent steps.
  5. Try to make another solution from the mixtures of a tbs. of ammonia, and half a cup of water.
  6. Dip a clean cloth in this solution and wipe on the stain remnant.
  7. Rinse afterward with a damp towel.
  8. Absorb as much of the liquid and leave it to air dry.

Note: If your carpet is made of wool, or silk, do not make use of ammonia. Instead, treat the stain remnant with vinegar and warm water solution.

How to remove mascara stain from the rug

Just as it is easy to get your carpet stained with Mascara, or it is also very easy to stain your rug with makeup. Although it is very easy to remove Mascara stains from a rug surface, you may end up spreading the stains further if you do not know how it can be rightly done.

The step below will guide you through the whole removal process.

  1. Sponge dry cleaning solvent on the stained spot with a clean white cloth.
  2. Blot the stain until the solvent is fully absorbed.

Repeat this process until the stain is completely gone.

How to remove Mascara stains from car

When it comes to wearing makeup, girls sometimes can be crazy about it. Some wear their makeup inside metro buses! If you’ve had such an experience in your car and you end up having makeup (Mascara) stains on your car seat, you can easily get rid of them with the help of the few cleaning tips that will be offered below.

Removing Mascara stains with Liquid dishwashing detergent

  1. You need to make a solution containing the mixture of 2 cups of water and a tbs. of liquid soap (preferably a dishwasher) in a bowl.
  2. Stir thoroughly until the mixtures form a foamy solution. You can make use of a spoon for this task.
  3. Dip a clean rag or towel into this solution and wring to get rid of excess water.
  4. Blot the soaked towel or rag on the stained spot, making sure to switch sides once a side is fully absorbed with the stain/solution.
  5. With a clean dry towel or rag, suck up all the liquid left on the treated spot.
  6. Rinse the treated spot with another damp towel or rag and blot dry with a dry towel.
  7. If the stain persists after treatment, treat it with a dry cleaning solvent. Apply the solvent on a towel and sponge on the stain. Do this until there is no stain to get rid of.
  8. Blot dry afterward with another clean dry towel.

How to prevent Mascara stain

You can prevent Mascara stains by following the few tips that will be offered below.

  1. Put on robes while applying Mascara.
  2. Make use of transfer-proof Mascara

Don’t get your hands stained with mascara.

Mascara stain FAQs

Are mascara stains permanent?

Mascara stains are not permanent if you remove them as soon as you get them or even after a few days. The things can get messy if you expose some kind of heat either from the drier, sun, or any other thing that can cause the stains to get permanent. It doesn’t mean that the stain will not be able to get removed but you may not be able to get back the original shine of the cloth.

Does mascara stain hair?

Mascara can stain your hair and if you are thinking of using it as a hair dye even for a single layer of your hair, just don’t as it is strictly recommended to be avoided by the experts. As long as staining is concerned, many women have claimed that they used mascara to cover a small portion of their gray hairs just for the time of an event.

Does mascara stain skin?

It mainly depends on the type of mascara but generally, it can stain skin. You may consider it as a tattoo but it is quite different because you can remove it immediately and if it gets unattended for a long time, it will fade away with time.

Can mascara stain eyelashes?

Mascara does stain eyelashes but not to the extent that it becomes visible. But using a lot of mascara or too often is not recommended by the experts because every time you apply mascara on your eyelashes, you must take the material off as well. Practicing this factor regularly can affect the strength of eyelashes and many even wear them out someday while you’re removing applied mascara.

Does mascara stain bed sheets?

No matter how big a brand you are using or your mascara is waterproof, if you sleep on the bed while having mascara applied, there are possibilities that it may get smudged and leave stains on your bedsheets. The best thing is that these stains can also be removed from the sheet just like you do with the clothes.

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