Does Hand Sanitizer Stain Clothes? [Tips to Remove]

Now more than ever, hand sanitizers have already become a regular part of people’s daily hygiene and everyday life. But, can hand sanitizer stain your clothes?

Will hand sanitizer stain clothes

Unfortunately, hand sanitizer will stain clothes and leave some ugly marks and blemishes on clothing. There are some hand sanitizers that contain alcohol that is a known stain remover. There are also others that contain benzalkonium chloride, a type of bleaching agent. The moment the hand sanitizer comes into contact with your clothes, this can remove the fabric’s color. These marks are what you call bleaching spots.

Does hand sanitizer stain clothes

This means that while hand sanitizers help keep you protected from germs, illnesses, and viruses, you need to keep your clothes protected from their bleaching properties.

Does alcohol hand sanitizer stain clothes

While hand sanitizers don’t necessarily stain clothes, there are ingredients present in most brands that can damage some fabrics. Every time you apply sanitizer, this can splatter or spill not only on your clothes but also other surfaces. Once the liquid finds itself on fabric, this can for small discolored spots that may appear as stains. These marks are where the fabric was bleached.

Alcohol is among the key ingredients in hand sanitizers because of its antibacterial properties. As you already know, alcohol is a popular stain remover. It might cause some issues when your clothes are concerned. For alcohol doesn’t know the difference between colors and stains.

Alcohol’s properties for effective stain removal are due to its ability of acting as a bleaching agent. Simply put, this changes the appearance of an item as it removes its color. Unfortunately, since the alcohol lands in tiny amounts on random places, the bleaching process will only work on the affected areas that leave behind a spotted effect on fabrics.

Does Purell hand sanitizer stain clothes

Purell hand sanitizer is made up of 70% ethyl alcohol, which means that while it won’t stain clothes, the fixings found in it can harm certain textures. As you apply Purell hand sanitizer, this can splatter or spill on your clothes and many other surfaces. At this point, once the fluid runs down on the fabric, it shapes small marks that can appear like stains.

Does clear hand sanitizer stain clothes

Yes, even clear hand sanitizer can leave stain-like marks on clothes. Most clear hand sanitizers still contain alcohol that can remove stains as well as the dyeing specialist benzalkonium chloride. When the clear hand sanitizer has come into contact with your clothes, this can remove the texture’s shading. These imprints are also called fading spots.

Does Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer stain clothes

Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer also contains alcohol and as mentioned above, it can cause harm in the form of stain-like bleaching.

Can hand sanitizer remove stains from clothes

Since the primary ingredient in many hand sanitizers today is alcohol, you could also try using these products to treat things that rubbing alcohol often tackles. This means that you could use it to remove stains from your clothes such as hot sauce stains, pen marks, grass stains, grease, and almost all kinds of makeup including lipstick.

But, you have to remember that this hack for stain removal will be most effective when the stained spots are treated at the soonest time possible. This means that if you are eating lunch and a piece of food drops on your clothes or you are out running some errands, don’t wait before you take out your hand sanitizer and deal with it.

Can you use hand sanitizer on clothes

This substance laden with alcohol safely works on some types of fabrics although you might want to ensure that you don’t use this on silk, acetate, wool, or rayon. You can use this on cotton shirts and even most carpets and leather. Just don’t forget to spot test this first before you go all-in on using alcohol on all your precious and beloved pieces.

How to remove permanent marker from clothes with hand sanitizer

You can use your alcohol-based hand sanitizer to remove permanent marker from clothes. All you have to do is squeeze a dime- or quarter-sized amount of hand sanitizer over the stain that depends on how large the stain is.  Just spread the hand sanitizer gently and carefully on the stain using a clean sponge in a circular motion.

Allow this to settle for around 15 minutes. If there is still a lingering stain, just repeat the process until you remove the stain. Since hand sanitizer is meant for your skin, it has the tendency to be gentler compared to other alcohol-based choices that makes it a great option for clothes and fabrics that are more delicate.

Use cold water to rinse the fabric after you use alcohol-based hand sanitizer so that you can remove the product from the fabric after you got rid of the marker stain. If the specific fabric is machine washable, this can be run through in the laundry using your usual detergent after lifting the stain.

How to remove hand sanitizer stains from clothes

There is actually no easy and simple way for removing hand sanitizer stains from clothes. You may try reducing the damage’s size or hide it in one way or another. Leaving the hand sanitizer longer on your clothes will only cause more damages.

  1. To remove the hand sanitizer, scrape off the sanitizer as much as possible and as gently as you can and ensure that you don’t rub too hard.
  2. Wash garment right away. There is no guarantee that the process will work yet this is still worth a try.
  3. Repairing the fabric might be a bit tricky because the hand sanitizer can bleach it. if the item is dark colored, you can use a fabric marker pen closely matched to the fabric color to help conceal the damaged parts.
  4. You can also hide it using embellishments like patches and buttons depending on the specific location of the damage.
  5. If your clothing article is suede or leather or has special finish, it is best to bring it to the professional cleaner. Trying to clean it on your own may only lead to more damages, including holes or rips.

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Does hand sanitizer stain clothes

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