Does glow stick liquid stain clothes

You would have seen a glow stick either in the hands of kids or people who love to go deep down in the sea. A glow stick is a closed plastic tube filled with a liquid that tends to glow in a specific color when bent. There is no second opinion that glow sticks look attractive and people love to play with them but all these things will only become a mess when the fluid gets out of the plastic tube and spills over your clothes. People keep on asking the question of, does glow stick liquid stain, and if yes, how to get rid of glow stick liquid stains from clothes?

Well, below is the info related to the first question while a perfect method for the second question as well. Make sure you don’t forget step 7 while following the below-mentioned procedure because letting the garment sit for too long in the solution can cause damage to the garment.

Does glow stick liquid stain clothes

What does a glow stick contain

If we talk in simple language, a glow stick is just an oily liquid that has no color and is completely clear, however, you can make this liquid shine or glow in any color you want by adding it externally. The main ingredient in glow sticks which is known as the liquid is dibutyl phthalate.

Many chemicals are combined to cause a reaction on bending which makes the liquid glow and these chemicals include hydrogen peroxide, phenyl oxalate ester, diphenyl oxalate, base catalyst, and suitable dye. The dye can be of any type while a fluorophore, fluorescent, and sanitizer are considered best suitable for the glow stick’s intended function.

Will glow stick liquid stain clothes

No one can deny the fact that a glow stick is one of the most loved things among the kids and it’s quite charming as well but the things can get messier if you get inside liquid spilled on your clothes.

There is no doubt that the chemicals used in liquid composition are major sources of causing stains on clothes but the additional dyes and additives included enhance the probability and make the stain worse.

Linens are the most prone kind of garment in terms of getting glow stick liquid stains. The stain caused by such liquid is just like the oil in terms of stickiness but is quite more difficult to remove.

Does glow stick liquid stain carpet

As we know that glow stick liquid is just like oil, the liquid can get inside the carpet fabric and the residues can get dry and stuck inside them. Even if you start blotting the fluid as soon as you get it in the fabric, the residues can remain deep down and can emerge as a stain after some time. Therefore, experts claim that the only way you can get glow stick liquid stains out of the surface is by implementing a proper stain removal process.

How long does glow stick liquid last on clothes

The exact time for a glow stick liquid to last on clothes while glowing depend on various factors such as brand, temperature, color, type, and the atmosphere where clothes are being kept are the most prominent.

The normal glow sticks that you often find at local stores are for kids and can only last somewhere from 4 to 6 hours while if you have gotten a glow stick for other purposes or from a standard store, it can easily glow on the clothes for more than 24 hours as well.

Does glow stick liquid wash out from clothes

Glow stick liquid is capable of causing severe stains but the good thing is that if you start the testing process immediately, you can get the liquid out of clothes even from simple washing.

Experts recommend running a good amount of tap water through the cloth from the stain’s opposite position and then soaking and rinsing the cloth for 30 minutes to an hour in cold water.

This can sometimes completely wash out liquid from clothes but if the stain was old, you may need to wash it with liquid laundry detergent or dish soap in the end. Following this method is perfect for stains that are fresh or you just have spilled liquid on clothes.

How to clean glow stick liquid stains off the clothes

  1. Start by rinsing the cloth with water from the opposite side of the cloth.
  2. Blot liquid using paper towels or clean cloth, as much as possible.
  3. Move the cloth or remove small liquid particles if stuck in the clothes fabric.
  4. Make a mixture of water along with white vinegar or oxygen-based bleach cleaner depending upon the suitability of your clothes.
  5. Stir perfectly so that the liquid can get dissolved properly.
  6. Now put the cloth inside the solution for 30 minutes to a few hours.
  7. Keep on checking the cloth to see if the stain has been removed completely.
  8. Once the stain is gone, put your clothes into the washing machine and wash clothes using a powerful liquid laundry detergent.
  9. You may put the cloth in the drier or let it air dry because there is no issue with either of the drying methods.

Glow stick liquid stains FAQs

Is glow stick liquid toxic?

Glow stick liquid is not toxic at all and this is one of the reasons that it is used as a toy for kids. You don’t need any kind of medical attention in case you have spilled glow stick liquid over your hands or clothes. You may only need to seek medical help if you have swallowed it because it can lead to an upset stomach and related issues.

Does glow stick liquid stain walls?

Glow stick liquid can stain walls if left on them for a long time. Experts and the manufacturers themselves claim that you can easily remove the glow stick stains from walls by following a simple washing procedure. If there is some sensitive paint on the wall, washing the stains with flat water would be the best suitable option to start with.

Does glow stick liquid stain concrete?

Glow stick liquid does stain concrete as it enters inside the small pores of the surfaces and gets stuck which itself looks like a stain or a visible mark. However, the good thing is that you can easily take it out of the pores by running a good amount of water in the pores with pressure. This will remove liquid while you can minorly use any stain removing agent to get rid of remaining marks, only if necessary.

Does glow stick liquid harm skin?

Glow stick liquid doesn’t usually stain skin as it only stains a surface if it has big pores and the liquid remains on it for a long time. Washing off the glow stick liquid from the skin immediately will not bring stains. Even if you get a mark, it will fade away after some time and it also brings no harm but if one has allergies, glow stick liquid can cause irritation, rashes, or itchiness.

Does glow stick liquid dry?

Glow stick liquid doesn’t dry but with time it can become thicker and much more like a sticky liquid instead of flat water. You can get an idea by the fact that glow stick liquid is almost like oil and its drying habits are just like it. However, if you expose the liquid to a huge amount of heat or put the cloth in the dryer, the liquid may change its form and become almost dry.

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