Do i need to vacuum before carpet cleaning

Do I need to vacuum before carpet cleaning? This is probably one of the most common questions people ask when it is time to clean their carpets. Well, the good news is that the answer to this mind-boggling question is relatively simple.

Why is it important to vacuum before carpet cleaning?

Vacuuming is the most recommended thing that you should do during the initial phase of carpet cleaning. Carpets can keep your floors clean, so you need to keep them tidy all the time to maintain proper orderliness in your home. 

Do i need to vacuum before carpet cleaning

To clean the carpet’s deepest and most hidden layer, you need to entirely and thoroughly clean the top surface first. Vacuuming your carpet first before washing it will help get rid of all particles, which might cause inconvenience while cleaning it. 

You can enjoy many benefits if you vacuum your carpet first before you begin any major cleaning operation on them. A thorough and careful cleaning process can help preserve and maintain the neatness of your home. 

Reasons to vacuum before carpet cleaning

Here are the top reasons why it is necessary to vacuum before you clean your carpets.

  • When carpets are thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned, they can provide an elegant experience and refreshing scent that is necessary to create a warmer and tidier home. Washing your carpet without vacuuming it first will only lead to dirty water that may give off an unpleasant odor that can be a real inconvenience. Vacuum cleaners are some of the best tools that you can use during the carpet cleaning process. This is the reason why it is among the most commonly used equipment pieces for cleaning today.
  • Once all the dust and dirt have been removed from the carpet’s surface, cleaning will be easier that will then result to a more effective and efficient cleaning. The only thing that you need is a household vacuum cleaner before you use a carpet washer. It can greatly benefit not only you and your family members as this is also great for pets in your household if you have any. You might even end up finding missing stuff as these could block the vacuum hose.
  • Having a good sanitation management in place is a very important thing in all households. Keeping your carpets in good condition can lengthen its lifespan to make them more time and cost efficient. This will also save you from more trouble. It will also be great for you and your family’s health because you will be living in a more hygienic environment. It is highly recommended for homeowners to vacuum the carpet once a week.

Before you use a rug cleaner, don’t forget to put your furniture in a spot that is a good distance away from your cleaning area. You can go DIY for cleaning your carpets. There are two primary types of carpet cleaners and these are handheld carpet spot cleaners and carpet washers.

You can rent or buy these cleaning tools. Just make sure that you pick the correct type and read and follow all the instructions indicated in the manual with care to prevent further issues. After the carpet turns dry, you should vacuum it all over again to get rid of sand and grit on the surface for it to look nicer. You should also set proper time management for these tasks to have a successful and effective cleaning.  

So now, it is clear that you need to vacuum your carpet before cleaning it. A pre-vacuum can help remove dander, dry soil, and surface dust so you can guarantee a much deeper cleaning. However, what if you have entrusted the task to professional cleaners? Should you be the one to do the vacuuming or do you just leave it to the hands of the experts?

Who should do the vacuuming before professional carpet cleaning?

Just so you know, you should be the one to vacuum your carpet using your own vacuum cleaner before the professional carpet cleaning team arrives. The last thing want is to get something from another house to get transported to your home because of the traveling vacuum cleaner.  

Sadly, most houses might not be as clean and tidy as yours. Realistically speaking, you want it to stay that way. Traveling vacuums or vacuums that cleaning services bring from one home to another might end up transporting germs, fleas, bacteria, and urine deposits with it.

Most carpet cleaners also offer odor and pet stain removal services. Surely, you wouldn’t want your carpets to be cleaned using the same vacuum that cleaned another house for urine removal. This is the reason why you should be the one to do the vacuuming before carpet cleaning.

Many vacuum cleaners feature brushes that agitate and touch the carpet surface. These pick up and get rid of dander, dust, and soil from the surface of the carpet. They can even pick up the microscopic debris that can live on the brushes of the vacuum. Also, if there are fleas that got sucked up in the vacuum bag at the home of the previous client, they may soon end up in your own house. To prevent this from happening, it is best to vacuum your carpets using your own machine.

How to prepare for professional vacuum cleaning

If you have plans to hire professionals to clean your carpets, there are a few steps you should take first for you to make the most out of your cleaning experience.

First, make sure that you clear away carpeted areas to help with the rest of the preparation procedures. This procedure will also go hand in hand with decluttering. Anything on the floors like toys or shoes can be a safety hazard for cleaners. Be sure to clear your carpets of anything to allow the team to clean better.

Afterward, you should then vacuum your carpets yourself to ensure that dander, soil, or dust are removed before the professionals come in. Make sure that your walls are also protected since the hoses may cause friction on the baseboards and corners all over the house that can leave black marks behind.

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