Can you clean a mattress with a rug doctor

Rug Doctor is a type of household cleaner. Can i use a rug doctor to clean a mattress? Yes

We’re going to tell you why do we answer “Yes” to such questions. We’re also going to inform you of the possibilities to apply rug doctor on mattress in specific cases.

Can you clean a mattress with a rug doctor

The pets’ presence and the possible combination with shampoo are the two things we’re going to discuss. First of all, let us see the reasons why will a Rug Doctor clean a mattress:

Will a Rug Doctor clean a mattress

Yes, a Rug Doctor will clean up your mattresses. The Hand Tool attachment and the Upholstery Cleaner product that becomes Rug Doctor’s specializations are the things that help you clean up your beds.

When you use these specialties of Rug Doctor, the tools will spurt out jets of hot soapy water on your mattresses. You can even use your bare hands to brush off the soapy water. So, these are why a Rug Doctor will clean up your beds.

How to clean a mattress with Rug Doctor

By now, you know that a Rug Doctor can, and will, clean up your mattresses. So, the question is, how to do it?

To start, you’ll need to prepare a Rug Doctor with the Upholstery Attachment. Another thing is a Rug Doctor stain remover. Then, follow these steps as you clean up stains on your mattresses:

  1. Hook up the upholstery attachment on your Rug Doctor.
  2. Fill the tub (the red one) with at least a half portion of water.
  3. Spray the stains with the stain remover spray.
  4. Let them be until the sprayed substance penetrates the stains. You’ll usually need a few minutes to wait for the reactions.
  5. Continue spraying with water. 
  6. Pull the upholstery attachment backward so you can suck up the sprays and the water.
  7. Repeat Step 5 and Step 6 for every side of your mattresses.

Can you use a Rug Doctor on a memory foam mattress

No, unfortunately, you can’t use a Rug Doctor on a memory foam mattress. This exception includes mattress tops that are from memory foam.

When you use a Rug Doctor product on memory foam-based mattresses, you’ll have to expect more hard works to clean up.

Rug Doctor takes a long time to dry on memory foam mattresses. Not to forget that you can’t mobilize the Rug Doctor cleaner at ease, which makes it even worse for memory foam-based mattresses.

How long will it take for my mattress to dry after using a Rug Doctor

Rug Doctor alone can dry your mattresses for around 2-3 hours.

There are specific times when using a Rug Doctor to dry mattresses can take up to 24 hours. Apart from applying Rug Doctor to the wrong mattress types (such as the memory foam mattress), you may place many things around the place you sleep on.

In such situations, the more things you place, the rug doctor mattress drying time will be longer. Such conditions can make some people complain about the lengthy times they require to dry their beds while using a Rug Doctor.

Is Rug Doctor carpet cleaner safe for pets

Yes, Rug Doctor is a safe carpet cleaner product for pets. There are several products that Rug Doctor provides to eliminate pet odors and stains.

Rug Doctor Pet Stain Remover is one of the pet-specific products. This product uses enzymatic technology to eliminate urine and other organic stains on your carpets and mattresses.

Your pets won’t likely suffer from any health conditions when you use Rug Doctor products to deep clean your properties.

Does Rug Doctor come with shampoo

No. Unfortunately, when you rent a Rug Doctor, it won’t include the carpet shampoo.

Rug Doctor only rents the tools for cleaning up the carpets, mattresses, or other similar furniture in your house. Those tools are the ones with the Hand Tool and the upholstery attachment.

If you want an extra shampoo, you need to buy a separate Rug Doctor shampoo.

Can you use a Rug Doctor without cleaner

No, you can’t use a Rug Doctor without a cleaner. When you see Rug Doctor’s official website, you may shake your head because Rug Doctor provides many products and services.

However, when you clean up your furniture, you should always pair Rug Doctor with Vax, Bissell, Hoover, or other leading carpet washer brands. Doing this action will ensure the shines that your furniture will have. This thing includes when you clean up your mattresses.

Can I use any detergent with Rug Doctor

Yes. Any detergent products work well when you pair them with Rug Doctor.

Furthermore, the detergents don’t always need to belong to Vax, Bissell, Hoover, or other leading brands. If you’re short of money, Johnson-made detergents are the perfect choices for you to pair with Rug Doctor.

Other laundry detergents can even replace the shampoo products in Rug Doctor. These types of detergents have more economical prices than cleaning shampoos, and they’re easy to rinse, too.

Is Rug Doctor better than Vax

No – When you compare between the two cleaning products, no one’s better than the other. Rug Doctor and Vax have different strengths and weaknesses that you can consider for cleaning up your mattresses.

Both Rug Doctor and Vax are products that are safe for pets. Choose Rug Doctor if you don’t mind noises and need a cleaner that can fold down when you want to store it. Alternatively, Vax is a decent choice for you if you aim to save more money since the overall price is cheaper than Rug Doctor’s product lines.

In conclusion, there are steps that you can execute to clean up your mattress with a Rug Doctor. After that, you’ll need to wait at least a couple of hours for your beds to dry.

Even though Rug Doctor is safe to use around pets, bear in mind that Rug Doctor is no better than other carpet cleaner brands, such as Vax.

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